Apple’s Box

It all started with the San Bernandino Shooting where a couple of middle easterners shot and kill some while hurting others at his place of work during a party. Now, a few months later the FBI is trying to decipher their assailants Iphone to see their private information that can identify their link to ISIL. But here’s the problem. The FBI even though they are a “respectable” authority, don’t have at least hackers to crack the phone. Apple on the other hand is a very powerful company that creates from phones, tablets, pc’s and even streaming services and such. Privacy is their main concern and they take it seriously with a grain of salt. Which means no matter what, if it’s a pedophile, or a drug dealer, or a terrorist, they wouldn’t cooperate with authorities in giving information crucial to solving crimes by unlocking phones no matter if the owner is alive or dead.

Finding about the reasons of these terrorists of the San Bernandino shooting isn’t easy specially when it comes to a private tech corporation that only benefits on security and safety of consumers. But when a person commits a crime, should their security and safety be stripped along with you have the right to remain silent? The FBI on the other hand with all their resources, the power and the money they have to plead to Apple to unlock this phone, which in response, they replied with the capital letters: “HELL NAW!” It seems that the longer they wait and the longer they consistently go back and forth with lawsuits, courts and childish rules, their investigation would be delayed even further.

We, as citizens we want to know our enemies secrets, purpose and future plans and by fighting each other our enemies are laughing at us in their secret lair. If Apple continues to deny helping the FBI, there would be repercussions in terms of sales on their Apple products. Apple has its duty to spill the beans if the owners of these devices committed crimes including terrorism.

Should Apple help the FBI in decipher their terrorists phone to find more information? Or should Apple keep it’s promise to not letting authorities open their terrorist’s Iphone contents?

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