Major Tom… We have a Problem…

The son of the late musician David Bowie, Duncan Jones, bashed Lady Gaga’s performance at the Grammys a few days ago by calling it disappointing in a cryptic tweet posted minutes after Gaga’s performance

“overexcited or irrational, typically as a result of infatuation or excessive enthusiasm; mentally confused.” Damn it! What IS that word!?”
He wasn’t very pleased, but he should do something better like collaborating along with Gaga instead of Intel and the music execs what they wanted in the tribute. He’s a movie director, he could use his talent for better use to honoring his father. Instead, he’s half ass and half douche. Making a tribute isn’t easy, as in some cases you can’t please everyone. Gaga was following the directives and she did a fair amount of work. It wasn’t mediocre, but it wasn’t fascinating either. Apart from the digital effects on Lady Gaga’s face in the beginning of the medley, the results came up pretty rushed and lacking the sentiment and feeling that Bowie possessed. For my understanding, it should be a person closest to the artist who could represent it better, than a newcomer that have a simple 5 minute fascination and adding her own style to the mix. Mick Jagger, his longtime pal should suffice…
Nope, I’m not bashing Lady Gaga… She was simply there, performed and it’s done with. It wasn’t unforgettable or controversial than Beyonce’s Formation at the SuperBowl last Sunday. But Intel and the music execs could do better to improve it’s rendition. How about, a hologram, for example? If they did that small effect on Lady Gaga’s face, why they didn’t do a complete image of David Bowie throughout the years from Ziggy Stardust to the 80’s? Too much work, perhaps? Why they didn’t allow other musicians to honor him, like BB King’s tribute? They didn’t offer special effects or any other crap, they just took a guitar, and jammed. And for my opinion, that’s how music should be celebrated, rendered, respected.
It’s unfortunate, that instead of doing a great rendition on one song, they did a snafu of a disaster with 10. Instead of doing other alternatives to create his vision, they use someone that doesn’t have a great talent to just act like Liza Minelli with a dash of Elvis Presley and call it good. Instead of using his most closest friends to post a rendition, they used someone who isn’t close, not even a mile. And I get that, Duncan Jones got that and that’s why Major Tom doesn’t like one bit.