Woe is Me… Stop Bitching!

Parents from a High School in Henrico County voiced their concerns  from a video produced for the African American Policy Forum in which it tells the realities Black communities faced and are still facing. The video, almost 4 minutes long consisted on a runners, two Caucasian and two African-American on a race track running to get to the goal. While the Caucasians have it easy, the two African-American were stucked on different setbacks. It shows the huddles African-American endured such as Slavery, Income Inequality, Poor Education, Discrimination, Underemployment, Standardarized Tests, Segregarion, Racial Profiling among other issues like Eugenics, Unarmed Blacks being killed by authorities, ect.

Parents claimed that this video “teach” white kids to feel guilty of using their “white priviledge” while denigrating or put behind other races. This video was made from 10 years ago, and they’re complaining now? It seems to me that these parents doesn’t know and still don’t want to know that the African-American community is still behind and they want to keep it that way. They still have their minds focused that if you’re white you will win, from education, employment, to even relationships and connections. At least they have history all year, meanwhile Black people in the states doesn’t have no other history than Slavery and Civil Right Movement followed to have Black History Month on the shortest month. Black communities without the right tools, it’s often prone to go under as this video shown. It’s real the huddles Black People face on a constant basis and it’s an insult that ignorant parents considers this video “racially divisive” when they discriminate on the basis of job, relationships and punish on the basis of our color such as not allowing Blacks to live in affluent neighborhoods, being arrested or being killed.

Henrico Public School officials after feeling the pressure, decided to retire the video after the crying foul from these people. But what do you expect? You throw the truth in their faces and it’s all offensive to them! Still, even with showing the truth, many African-Americans are still stuck, stopped or even dead because of this generational race divide, discrimination and oppression.

This video is posted from a youtuber who complains about this issue using his white priviledge. This is the only video that shows all the content.