Distilled Water

I’m out of words of what happened in Flint, MI a couple of weeks ago where news of high traces of lead is contaminated the water and thousands of residents including children and the elderly are seriously ill. Not only the mayor of Michigan didn’t do absolutely nothing to at least notify the public and make the necessary precautions and steps needed to keep people safe. But to give their public employees cases of distilled purified water while lying to the public that the tap water they were drinking is clean, it seems like they’re trying to cover the dirt with the carpet and call it good. It is as evil and heartless as killing your own husband or wife and get away with it.

Flint, was the automobile and manufacturing paradise, but outsourcing force these factories to move to third world countries or to shut down converting this small city into a nearly ghost town consisting on the majority of 57% Blacks mostly residents living below the poverty level. So, and what I’m thinking in order to move the poverty stricken population, they resort to commit the ultimate act of selfishness which is not telling the public about the water and followed by their indifference and arrogance they decided to not help it’s population but themselves… until the media uncover it up.

What Happened?

Two years ago Flint water system changed from the Detroit water supply to a new supply using Flint’s river water in order to save money and save time since they have to wait for two years to configure and also make the proper handling regulated. It was one mistake after the next where they didn’t put the necessary chemicals and the right procedures needed to eliminate the bacteria, lead and other contaminants, including fecal matter. Instead of notifying the public about the accident they caused, they continue to tell it’s residents, the water is okay to drink even after a year of the switching. Now, residents have developed rashes to even legionaries disease and lead poisoning because of drinking contaminated water from Flint’s river. Even if their claims to the higher officials to investigate and fix the water issue since it’s began the switching it fell on deaf ears. Still, people get sick, meanwhile Flint government officials are carrying cases of bottled water to their families while minorities and the poor are becoming ill.

What It Does Shows You?

Just imagine if Flint were a affluent suburb. If they have the same problem, they will make sure immediately switch it back to Detroit water source, fix the issue and then switch back on to the Flint’s River. But since the residents are living to ends meet, mostly working minimum wage jobs, some are fixed incomes, Flint government officials lied to them, while ignoring their claims and displaying their arrogance. And what’s worst, they still living their lives with their bottled water that have been given to them while the unprivileged and undeserved are becoming sick.

Now, the issue has it’s consequences to their residents who don’t have no choice than to move out of the place. Just imagine, if every citizen of Flint that is affected opt to get the hell out of the place because it’s not safe. So what’s the next step? Well, filling the town up with tourist and rich people that can revitalized it’s community? I know Flint is in economical crisis, but that’s not the way to fix it’s community by poison their residents, no matter what’s their financial standing or race. In my words, its just racial cleansing went wrong.

After two years… that’s too long for the government to actually act for the sake of the public, the children, the elderly. Lead poisoning isn’t something to be laugh at or even ignore. Lead poisoning is serious and deadly if it’s not treatable. The people of Flint, Michigan deserve more than an apology from Republican Governor Rick Snyder, they want his head and the heads of the ones who caused this disaster, all for the sake of “saving money.” Just for 100 dollars a day…

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