Two Faces Of Cancer: One Outcome

Two days ago, I found out thru “Whisper” app, iconic musician, composer and actor David Bowie had passed away. What shocked me is that he kept his life, including his illness private to focus only on his music and his acting. His last album “Blackstar” was critically acclaimed even thought it hasn’t reach the top ten as of yet. He didn’t let his fans of his tragedies, his feelings, except when he’s creating, performing his music. He was battling his illness along with his wife Iman and his two children. For my understanding, I think it was very brave for him, not defining his condition, no matter how deadly it turned out as a way for the fans and people to feel sorry for him. He did a lot, he cultivated artistic, poetic music that everyone could be identified with as a painter creating a magnificent piece of art. He changed at his own pace and sometimes he went ahead of their time, even in a era of mediocrity that so-called artists are doing now a days. He will be missed.

But, there’s another story of a talented singer who is also facing with the same fate but with different changes. Rory Feek, wife and singer of husband and wife duo Joey and Rory, is dealing with Stage 4 cancer. Now, here’s what’s fairly different. Some news sources like Entertainment Tonight are constantly bombarding what was supposed to be a private intimate life, it turned into a media circus for everyone to see. Their blog, “This Life I Live” have updates about her final days on earth written by her husband Joey. They decided to post their private life, their problems to their fans to feel pity of them, or in other words to take the opportunity to take advantage of their 15 minutes. I just wonder if they’re going to take videos of her end of her life? It seems to me, that instead of focusing on her brave battle in peace, they wanted everybody to join the “fun.”

Either way, dealing with an illness is devastating and surprising, because you never know you see your best friend, or your wife, or husband or your family member one day and the next hour or day they’re gone like that. The issue is how to handle it, what steps needs to be done and who will allow to reach that information. Because, not everyone wants to gives a hand, and not everyone is interested while some will take advantage to it for their own profit, specially if you’re a celebrity.Whether you discover you have an illness you have the option to keep it secret or let your closest ones know, but always make sure you maintain your circle for support. And yes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer  sounds just right.