One Tribe of Indians Shut Them The Hell Up

Here’s what this story unfolds…

Oregon Ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond were sentenced to 2 to 5 years in prison for arson by setting fires in their own property but beyond property line. Meaning, their controlled fire went a little bit overboard and the FBI and the Department of Justice went into the matter and find out it was because of their illegal deer hunting. Now, this is going to get a little bit weirder. If you remember the controversial family of ranchers, the Bundys who were “defending” their constitutional rights to not pay grazing fees by the Department of Lands. It drew to the national headlines not without controversies such as Clive Bundy racist remarks against Black People and some other snafus that supporters of the cause decided it was best to leave.

But let’s go back to the present. His son Ammon created a militia group named Citizens for Constitutional Freedom and occupied a federal building in the Oregon wilderness in order to challenge and decry “tyranny” against the US government for unfair and severe punishment to farmers not only in Oregon state but nationwide. The message seems good at first, but… time will tell what’s the real reason behind this.


This Land Is No One’s Land… Except The Paiute Tribe

Ranchers have been claiming it’s their own land and they can do whatever the hell they want to do without the proper guidelines is like telling a kid playing with matches doesn’t burn. There’s laws made for by the Federal and State Government were in place to, of course, earn revenue. Taxes and fees even for the little things like grazing equals funds that could and couldn’t be used properly for it’s citizens can be a little big unbalanced and somewhat unfair for a lot of farmers.

But wait a minute here? Isn’t the lands they own for real or did we forget something? Technically, these lands that the Government and the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom claimed to own isn’t theirs to begin with. The Paiute Tribe during a small conference told these “protesters” to get the hell out of their property because it’s their land, and by doing this act of “rebellion” against the government it’s actually desecrating it.  In other words, their lands is not their lands officially, meaning, they stole it from Native Americans by invading, killing and lately pushing them to be assimilated and move the rest to infertile lands in what we call them reservations. Meanwhile the Paiute Tribe signed a treaty in 1868 even thought the US Senate never sign it. They want that treaty to be respected and honored after their ancestors horrible experiences suffered. And even so, Oregonians don’t want nothing with these guys, they just want them gone.

But they’re fighting for our rights!

They’re fighting for their own agenda to be the next Camp David, to be martyrs but it doesn’t work that way. Using guns and intimidation doesn’t solve anything and even occupying an “open” federal building in the middle of the forest make the matters worst to the point of being ridiculed by their actions instead of doing it the civilized way. Civilized way could be suing the Federal Government for tyranny, perhaps? This militia is using the excuse of bear arms, for something that has nothing to do with bringing justice for the Hammonds but instead they’re being such drama queens that their tactics aren’t very convincing to the public. If they start a “civil” war with the government, let them have it. It’s their own fault, not the government or the residents who lives in the area that wants peace and quiet. It’s their fault for being simply stupid.

My people perished for lack of knowledge… Hosea 4:6