The Destruction of Bill Cosby

He was a celebrated comedian, spokesman and actor who earned millions of dollars and have been famous for positive role model characters like Dr. Cliff Huxtable in The Cosby Show for 8 seasons. He spoke at conferences, stand-up shows, participated in several movies for decades and was the spokesperson for Jello Gelatin and Pudding products. He was famous for being a positive role model where the majority of Black Comedians were often negative, ridiculed and disgraced for the sake of the dollar. But instead after “allegations” of single women seeking fortune and fame got “raped” by drinking a drugged cocktail that Mr. Cosby has been given. And now there’s a new “victim” crying the same song other 30 or more women have been “singing” for the past months. And now his empire is started to crumble. His career that he puts so much work and sacrifice has been destroyed and his reputation has been tarnished.

This isn’t the first or the last case that a Afro-American Entertainer who earned more than their white counterparts have been fallen from grace by putting half lies to tarnish his reputation. What puzzles me the most is the whole amount of women saying the same story over and over, being “supported” by feminist lawyer Gloria Allred all for the sake of bleeding him dry financially. One of the problems that arise in this case is the amount of years it took for these women to tell their version of the story that Cosby, drugged them, put them to his marital bed and raped them.

As I wrote in my prior post, why they waited so long to tell their version of what Cosby had done? Why they didn’t go to the police immediately and proceed to take necessary steps to arrest him, if he commit these acts? Obviously, by waiting this long to then telling a half lie just for two things: for the people and his fans to start hating Cosby without proof, and for the drama queens to earn a little or a lot of his paycheck for inventing a convincing story of how a family man become a horrendous pervert, it sounds more like a tactic to destroy this man’s legacy and indeed and sadly it’s working.

But folks, he wasn’t the only Black man who got victimized by lies and deceit without DNA proof or evidence. When a Black person reach it’s peak and earn more than whites, there’s is a big problem specially in the entertainment industry and white supremacy. Cosby was advocate to lift the Afro-American community by creating scholarships and programs aimed to help Black kids succeed. Now, his legacy is destroyed and so it’s the future generations of Blacks who will look at this man as a vile, rapist, depraved individual who preyed on “innocent” women instead of being this great entertainer who was a positive role model for Black men and inspired his people to be better than whites. It’s very tragic, heartbreaking and at the same time confusing whether which side you will choose.