Words To Get By In 2015

As we drawing this year to a close, there’s a few words that somewhat can be remembered and some are meant to forget. It has been a year of successes and failures, tears and laughter, from the classy to the trashy (most of the time). This is the year of oneself, not a community, not a unity and everyone wants a piece of the pie because they feel entitled, not because they fought for it. Here’s a list of at least 5 words that got notoriety and 5 words to get by.

Words To Get By


ojpx5wiyBruce Jenner did the first step in telling the whole world, “Hey People! I’m a girl trapped in a male body and I want to change all that!” It was a problem waiting to happen. Not only it caused ridicule, but it caused backslash over the issue of transgender community and how it affected families when someone decided to be the right gender, even if it’s wrong. Instead of dealing the issue in private, he chose to open up and let everybody know about “his struggles” even if people doesn’t want to know about it. The results were mixed between the ones who wants transgender should be treated and more openly accepted and the others who doesn’t give a crap about it. Now, it’s an open feast where children as young as 3 are letting their parents know, they’re in the wrong gender which is very troubling. Instead of accepting it, combat it, discipline your kid! You have been born with the right gender, deal with it!

All Lives Matter

voices-all-lives-matter-imageThe counter-strike against BlackLivesMatter movement is these three little words. After all, their ancestors didn’t suffer enslavement, discrimination, unfairness and brutality and don’t forget eugenics. These people were taking it easy, there were the masters, the deceivers and they’re going for the next level to destroy this organization by proving biased facts just to convince you to stop supporting “rioters” and start having sympathy for them and ignore what’s going on. Their intention is making them feel important while denigrating BlackLivesMatter at a biggest scale plus cataloging them as “thugs.” And the results were mostly pity. It’s pity they want to try to spoil the message by saying “what about our poor white folks?”


feminist1This was the year of everything slutty. Slut walk, Free the Nipple while denigrating men are a few of their intentions that has nothing to do with “women rights.” But instead, they ignored the real issues, human trafficking where women are trapped to be prostitutes, women in middle eastern countries were denied even on their basics rights from education to the right to choose who will marry. Women stoned to death because of their choices. Women who are married, sold, raped and killed and all these feminists are worried about is freeing their nipples? Maybe, they should consider going back to the kitchen board and remodel their concept.


151207153146-san-bernardino-shooting-suspects-radicalization-fbi-david-bowdich-bts-nr-00004017-large-169There’s a lot of causes why a certain individual or a couple decided to spread harm and death. From a selfish douchebag, to a couple of radicals and some with mental illness choose the path that proves to be sending their different message. Their own message and bury itself with it. Not only it finishes there, the media sensationalized instead of investigate further into what’s the causes of this incident and what steps the authorities are taking to solve it all while bringing their victims families some privacy and closure they need. But instead, it turned out to be a circus, a bitter parody that no one laughs at and an insult to our sensitivities as human beings. Where it causes widespread fear and causing more serious harm than good.


0It’s brave to see overweight women in bikinis and lingerie. It’s brave to now show no make-up in front of their cameras. It’s brave to see women and men doing simple to amazing feats. But there’s others who basically want to bring these people down for different reasons. Bullying is the norm not only on social media but on the real world as well and it consists on narcissistic assholes who just want to ruin the fun out of the achievements of others or their physical attributes. It’s not fun when they try to denigrate a certain individual or a group, when it can cause a lot of self-esteem issues that can lead to suicide. They just think it’s funny. I think they’re idiots who don’t know their consequences of their actions and think they’re going away with it. Bullying should be considered a crime.


go-homeIn the recent events happening in the US and France, many ignorant people have been acting like douchebags from calling people names, spit on them to cause arson at mosques. Is this necessary? Individuals and families who practice Islam are targeted, threatened and even hurt just because of their beliefs. It seems they have been becoming the most hatred because of the acts of a few radicalized groups. The real danger is making this hatred at a grand scale by even killing Islam followers because of terrorist attacks that has nothing to do with them. It seems that humanity has return to it’s racist and paranoid views and it’s a shame it has to be that way.

Donald Trump

nbc-fires-donald-trump-after-he-calls-mexicans-rapists-and-drug-runnersThe main protagonist in a role that fits very big for this multi-millionaire. By choosing to run for the Presidency of the United States he wake up some thousands because of his anti-immigration views. He got the energy, the words, the spirit, but like any other republican candidate he didn’t have the strategy, the plans at a long scale to fix this battled country. Instead, he opted to say any words that can affect his voting. From building a wall between Mexico and the US in which Mexico have to pay, to obviously deport any undocumented including their children to their own countries. He became a star in the beginning but now he’s turning sort of an annoying old guy with a toupee repeating the same words that has nothing positive or uplifting instead he’s doing the opposite. It’s such a terrible waste in a middle of a terrible election year for voters.

Mental Illness

8349cb9c83b10bc5cba65ee22fb98ee6Still, it’s stigmatized. Still is ignored. Still is not important. This year we saw individuals doing the unthinkable because of the lack of services and programs that were shut down due to cuts in funding. Although there’s a lot of psychiatrists, therapists and psychologists, millions suffering from Depression to Schizophrenia cannot get the services they need because of one point or another they are indeed too expensive and are a ticking bomb waiting to happen. Many people indeed see Mental Illness as a sign of weakness to attention seeking. The government doesn’t seem to grasp the concept that suicide prevention hotline isn’t enough to treat mental illness. Bringing back mental hospitals with strict guidelines and regulations in place along with treating the patients with respect and dignity along with outpatient services that can improve their lives will make them better.

Sensationalized Media

cvwqd1nwcaax7if2What a year from all these news sources! First, you have to find out what happened, who did it, where it occurred and the most important, the reason why. Many failed and instead opted to incite terror and fear among their viewers by giving the information in many cases with distorted with a little bit of a lie. They will be willing to be at the wrong place at the wrong time to deliver the news even if they have to go to an apartment of the perpetrator to see their belongings just for the sake of the viewers. Instead of being informative it’s being instead provoking mass hysteria and fear and it’s not benefiting communities.

Cultural Appropriation

47900016-cachedWhat does Rachel Dolezal, Iggy Azalea, Kylie Jenner had in common in 2015? They were actually acting black. From their hairstyles to their lip, hips and butt implants, there were the “darlings” of the social media all while denigrating Black Women. Former Hunger Games star Amandla Sternberg put the brakes on Kylie, while Azalea Banks was bashing Iggy to a pulp and Rachel was embarrassed on camera by a reporter reminding her of her real roots to the point of resigning her position at the NAACP in Spokane and even a so-called beauty magazine was backslash for an article about how to make an Afro with straight hair. Cultural Appropriation in order to look cool, fashionable while bullying minorities an insult to other races or nationalities and they should be stuck with what they have instead of mimicking our culture, heritage, hair, skin and even music.

I hope in the Next Year, it will be a little bit normal but instead it’s going to be the same or worst. Thanks for visiting and supporting my blog, bringing a great and happy new year to everyone. Stay safe!