Single Mothers have it the roughest of the bunch. From the moment of their “mistake” with a man sometimes they don’t even know their last name, to decisions involving their well being and their children whether is responsible or not. They were still in this time, looked with shame, disdain, some cases with hate because of their choices. It’s a tough pill to swallow and one incident, just one, they could explode from the cause of containing their emotions, their sadness, their loneliness and their lack of support even from their family had filled their cup and it’s ready to spill.

The incident in Las Vegas last weekend showed one of the many examples of being a single mother. Even with programs in place to help them going on the right path, still many are faced with poverty, judging, some times with discrimination, humiliation, denigration over the fact that they have children out of wedlock. They don’t have their significant other, they can’t be able to climb the next step of the ladder by themselves.

A 24 young woman by the name of Lakeisha Nicole Holloway drove an old beater car and drove against crowded pedestrians who were walking on their sidewalks of Las Vegas strip. She choose this way because she was tired, angry, defiant. She was looking for just a place to sleep along with her daughter. She was homeless, with no money on her pockets except for gas destined to go to Texas to see her baby’s father. She have been dealing with homelessness with a tough childhood and tried to do it right. She have been a great model that overcame the challenges she experienced. But not this one. And everybody wants to even throw the keys, even worst, put capital punishment against this young troubling woman. Troubling because even thought she endured the traumas and the pain and the struggles of her past, she didn’t overcome it. Even though she finished alternate high school, even with job training and some skills for the sake of her child, it didn’t help her deal psychologically. It was too much to handle, without people who could at least care what she’s going through she just snapped. By hitting people she doesn’t even know using her car kinda like being pushed by people who didn’t know her battles seems a little of a revenge.

After all, single mothers have all the weight on their shoulders and some are in the point of not carrying any more because all they need is seeing at least miracles in their lives.