Anita Sarkeersian is NOT my voice

When so called video game “expert” Anita Sarkeersian came into the gaming world, she got there as a party pooper. Not only, she didn’t have enough experience in the video game industry but she just want to twist the idea, methods and even story line of what it means to create, develop and publish and video game. She’s getting known notoriously. In her first videos on Female Frequency called “Tropes vs Women in Video Games” she complained that all video games were sexists meaning they focus on the male character as being the hero while the woman is the damsel in distress or in other cases like Lara Croft series, sexist. This woman provoke a nerve through the gaming industry by shoving her feminist ideologies up their gamer’s ass and it’s definitely NOT pleasant in the gamer community.

Sarkeesian with little knowledge except that she’s a casual gamer, doesn’t bulge or understand that video game industry is considered a part of boys routine. Lately, her comments has strike a nerve as she commented certain games including Dishonored 2 (which is in the works) that they should include a female as the main lead to just about Fallout Shelter, a mobile game from Bethesda where you can be the overseer taking care of a vault. She expressly stated on tweeter that:


I played Fallout Shelter and one of the main goals of the game is to protect the vault from raiders and make the vault dwellers happy. The procreating part is secondary. When an apocalypse happens in real life, and you survive barely, would you rather let humanity die because you don’t want to reproduce because it’s sexist or would you rather procreate because humanity have to exist? During the “pregnancy” scene, the couple express their love for one another and runs to a room, they’re not breeding like animals by going to different women or men to procreate. They stay with their significant other. The man is able to protect the pregnant woman and his children from dangers such as fire, cockroaches or raiders even if the man is armed or unarmed. Pregnant women are weakened by defending themselves and are unable to work because their priority is to take care of her unborn offspring so, a man is there to protect them.

However, demanding the videogame companies to develop a main female character in a video game is true and done by the games such as Tomb Raider, Silent Hill 3, Atelier series, and some others that women doesn’t show their physical attributes but rather they show their skills, their talents and their mindset. So, I don’t know what Sarkeesian is talking about the lack of thereof women as main hero of the game.

Anita Sarkeesian’s comments are as annoying as an angry old hag with 20 cats and I’m getting tired of it. Not only it’s ridiculing herself but it’s making female gamers looks horribly bad. There’s a lot of female gamers that want to get heard, want to be at part with their male counterparts in terms of playing multiplayer or single games that they can enjoy. But with people like Sarkeesian who distort feminist ideas by ridicule and denigrate male and female developers into saying they’re sexist and they should create a main female “empowered” character (where they’re already exist) it’s like saying the sky isn’t blue and should be turned green.