Party Poopers

A new hacker group by the name of Phantom Squad is planning to do a DDoS attack on both PSN Network and Xbox Live this Christmas. Last year Lizard Squad did the same disabling both online services for gamers and kept it off for a week. Both Microsoft and Sony were unprepared over the fact that customers who rely on their services to be connected online were in the dark for their Christmas including new ones who bought their Xbox One and PS4 consoles.

Now, this year could be entirely different or could be history repeating itself. If this group succeeded starting on the 24 of December their attack and both Microsoft and Sony could be ready or not to deal with the punches not only by them but also by their customers.

Many players are waiting to see if these game console companies upgrade and maintain their servers because basically, customers including me pay their PS plus and Xbox live not because of being able to play online or get “exclusive” discounts and free crappy games, but also being safe against these types of attacks. If they don’t promise what they deliver, there’s going to be a lot of problems in terms of dollars and cents. Nintendo however, is NOT named by this threat.

Right now, some games can be played offline, but with the pushing of multiplayer it has to be online at all times. So, an online game cannot play offline. So, if you played an online game and these things happen, you are unable to play, unable to watch movies and definitely unable to

Anyway,  keep your fingers crossed, players and newcomers. This is what these game console companies have to prove to it’s customers they mean business or by their inability of working things out, it could be their downfall.