Personal Update

I would like to thank all my subscribers that may agree or disagree my views writing my “articles” in my blog on WordPress. This year have been fairly amazing to me to know that little by little I could get a little bit of attention and a little bit of friendship along the way.

Despite my personal battles with illness, financial situations and the ups and downs of trying to find out my purpose in life, my identity still I have a long road or a short one to go on the next year and at least I survived.

Even there’s days that I just want to curl up in the bed and do nothing. But I can’t stop moving. My mind can’t stop racing with ideas and dreams and some hopes so my laptop is at my disposal to express, comment, rant, every word that comes to mind. But other days, there’s nothing to be said. Complete silence as my mind rest while my physical body continue to do it’s tasks. My blog is my secret that even my “friends” and co-workers that I meet day to day basis doesn’t know and I like it keep it that way. It’s my proud achievement.

Even I’m not famous or have an article that went viral this year, I don’t plan to become viral next year. I’m going to continue doing what I enjoy, for my subscribers and for myself.

Thank you for your support and your likes and your visits. Have a great Christmas Season and a blessed new year for all full of possibilities, hopes and achieved dreams.


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