Broken Girls

Sexual Education in Public Schools failed miserably.

There’s always incidents where girls as young as 14 end up pregnant  even with all the information they  have been given, they still make the same mistake. What’s worst is her parents or single parent in some cases doesn’t know about their daughter’s wellbeing since they have to work 2 or 3 jobs to sustain themselves. At the end, she delivers and do the unthinkable, which is throwing their offspring in a trashcan, throwing up high from a building and in many cases, burying the baby alive.

The latest and most shameful of them all, a 33 old woman bury her baby and walk away from it. I thought teenagers are the culprits most of the time but a grown-up woman doing that, that’s unthinkable! Porche Washington hid that secret for nine months to then deliver in the hospital and later dump the baby (who I don’t know if it’s first born) in a crevice of broken pavement on a bike path wrapped with the blanket the hospital gave to the baby. And it happened in Compton. In Compton!

Before judging this “poor” ugly soul of a sub-human consider this. If there were programs aimed to family planning in that area? If she could get Plan B at pharmacies without feeling judged? If she could learn how to have sex by using condoms? If she got all the necessary information against not only being pregnant but avoiding STD’s?

This person didn’t have the right resources since there were only one closest to where she lived: Women Health Care Clinic. Planned Parenthood however the closest is in Los Angeles. Maybe perhaps she didn’t know that place exists to help women, specially for low income to terminate their unplanned pregnancies. The problem however is how she handled the issue. She didn’t want to have the baby, she could adopt, right? Adoption is a very complex issue and that’s on the next post. She could abort the baby. But abortion even thought could be the answer she was looking for, it’s expensive from around $500.00 to the whooping $2,000.00. And most women can qualify for programs that offers no cost to their services. This woman could qualify and deal with it the right way. Why this woman didn’t find out about it? There’s a lot of services for women or girls who are pregnant or think they’re pregnant to fix this issue. And also there’s a state program called “Safe Surrender” which mothers leave their newborns at a police stations, firehouses, and certain public places without judgement from the law. But Porche choose the wrong solution to a common problem, by dumping the baby in a bike path and she could face life in prison for endangerment and child abuse. The good news however is that the baby girl is alive and well, the bad news however is she’s going to have a rough road ahead of her.

After all, there’s hope. There’s hope that women will learn their bodies and will be open to their families if situations arises such as unwanted  or unplanned pregnancies and do something about it instead of hiding it and bury it like nothing ever happen. Information is the key. The right information will lead these girls and women to have normal lives and have the power to decide to have a family. But without the access to it, their lives will have a tragic outcome. Doing what’s right is more than keeping your legs closed, it’s having responsibility and accountability for their actions.