XBOX and Playstation Backwards Compatibility War

It’s been another year that players will have to know their fate. Will have to know where their sacrificed dollars goes. Will have to know where their alliance may stay.

On November 12, Xbox unveiled backwards compatibility add-on to their next gen Xbox One that you can play Xbox 360 games using two methods, having your own disc or digital games at no extra cost. Well, if you have XBOX live membership that’s all legit, right?

Playstation however is giving their own fan base some air to breathe on as they’re “planning” to do the same but there’s one problem. Their backwards compatibility model is just for PS2 games, PS3 games however are well stocked on their Playstation Now for a fee if you want to rent games even if you have the physical copy of it. That doesn’t sound fair Playstation gamers, doesn’t? During the whole reporter said, gamers said issues, still it doesn’t have an actual date to test this add-on as it resulted in two important causes: Greed and Laziness.

Greed because Playstation Now, you rent the games from a few hours to a month depending on how much money and time you’re gonna dedicate yourself to the game, even if you have the disc and they’re not planning on adding PS3 games using your own disc to the new console anytime soon which is truly disappointing and you have to deal with playing on your  PS3 in the meantime. Another thing is the bandwitch and the speed gamers have. If you have a slow connection, even on broadband, forget about it!

Laziness because PS2 games are for some gamers obsolete except for a few classics which is truly minimal. Playstation don’t want to risk to add some PS3 games to their collection to be backward compatible because they’re afraid to lose money and developer’s revenue. Both are hand to hand in receiving profits and revenue even if it comes from struggling gamers.

I have been a fan of Playstation since the late 90’s and trust me, it disgust me how a company that have been supported up high in terms of service, games, consoles have been treating the gamers up our asses with fees, microtransactions, and shorter length games that cost from 60 bucks to 100 if you want the deluxe edition that definitely the gaming industry has become more greedy and manipulative than years before. That I just draw the conclusion that Xbox has won, and Playstation has been disappointing their customer base and sadly, if they have well spent money they can discover new lands on Xbox One.