San Bernandino’s Puzzle

Another shooting took placed a few days earlier at a holiday Party at a County Health Department where a couple dressed in black tactic wear armed themselves and shoot whatever was in their sights killing 14 people and injuring 21. The masterminds were sadly Middle Easterners Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik who Rizwan was employed in this company as a environmental health specialist who had a little bit of discrepancies with their employer.

What concerned me the most is the fact that Rizwan met Malik online and traveled to the Saudi Arabia to meet and he came back to the states married in a short time. There’s something strange with this part. An American born and “assimilated” was finding his own roots, finding a group that can belong. So, perhaps influenced by his wife, he found his calling in a radical group and he came back to the states and live like nothing happened for a few years until this incident happen.

Even their own family didn’t know about what they were up to which is  puzzling to me. Families should know how their own are doing since they have a 6 month daughter.

Another issue is the discrepancies at the workplace. Where he rather keep to himself instead of going to certain authorities or programs aimed to help employees who perhaps are harassed and bullied. Even if California is Unionized state, still managers, supervisors are getting away from it by harassing, bullying or eliminating certain employees regarding of their background, sexual orientation or nationality, like in this case. And to add fuel to the damn fire, the issue of finding an extensive amount of pipe bombs and ammunition in their residence which is, how a person who earned $53,000 annually can buy or create this huge amount of weaponry? There’s something strange as every shooting that has happen to blame this or that faction of creating such a horrific situation. More worst is the media bashing, sensationalized point of view that makes the people afraid, angry without finding the real culprit and reason why a couple, or a loner or a person with mental illness could do such a thing.

Update: A crew of “reporters” stormed former shooter’s apartment without no authorization except for the landlord’s “blessing” to “investigate” the contents of the house Taroff and Malik lived in. MSNBC, NBC, BBC (Which I was surprised) and CNN entered the apartment like it was Black Friday, touching, looking, commenting every nasty detail about this couple who definitely can’t defend themselves since they’re dead. It’s infuriating, humiliating, shameful that this display of sensationalism has gone to the very low of humanity in order to get the higher ratings. These reporters and the landlord didn’t know about the words, “Invasion of Privacy” and “Tampering with Evidence” very well.