The Purge

Lately, I saw a variant amount of videos on Youtube on what happened this Black Friday and I’m in a state of shock. The worst excuse to get the best TV, or video console or any other junk after pushing, throwing and fighting is out of my common sense and empathy department. For a lot of people, Black Friday is signal for not only get the “best” bargains on electronics, toys and other items but for confrontations, insults, fighting and getting caught with the law.

It doesn’t have to be that way! But who’s gonna listen to me or anyone else about it? This year is when animals shows up for the slaughter of the innocent and get it’s prey no matter what’s cost. And that’s how Black Friday has become.

I wonder, were as human beings are going to be headed? Why are we in this “great country” of milk and honey acting like it was the end of the world where there’s nothing except for their own survival? It’s just a bunch of electronics that could last a good 5 months or so before it stops working. A piece of clothing that is made in China that doesn’t last long. It’s not worth it converting a shopping experience into a horrible display of immature jackasses for one day specially after Thanksgiving for the “best deal.”


Completely Shameful this country is head it and if it wasn’t for Youtube, the whole world wouldn’t know how selfish, idiotic, heartless we have become specially in the beginning of this Christmas season.