ISIS Video In 5 Minutes or Less

Last weekend after Thanksgiving, my nephew who is a vet and participated tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, posted this on my news feed. It was a video of approximately 4 minutes long detailing their tactics against the United Nations, and against primarily the United States aimed to destroy capitalism. The radical terrorist  group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL Or ISIS) taunted the United States for their “failure” in tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and other region causing a lot of their own soldiers to die while others injured and the rest to have mental illness to the point of suicide all while wasting their billions of dollars in “destroying” this frightening and threatening organization who are relying on just not only their 50 cent bullets, but also their strategy and their cunning to bring or try to bring this nation and others down.

In this video, very well made and elaborated (sorry for the “patriots” if that offend you) have a few flaws. There’s no single woman showing with soldier vest to fight among their male counterparts even if they shown middle easterners with Asian, and Blacks. That’s because women are treated as second class citizens where they’re forced to marry at 9 years old, deprived of proper education and denied of equality with males. In other cases, published by the media are raped and used as sex slaves. In their video children were sitting down in a circle studying the Qua’ran with their big AK-47’s in their shoulders to then be set free to fight standing in front of their flag. With no childhood, no empathy, no proper guidance, these are going to be cold heart killers followed by the words of Allah in the Qua’ran in the future. ISIL was very direct in telling the whole world after the incidents in France and Syria and other parts they’re ready to fight, to cleanse and dominate. But United States has it’s own wars of their own despite watching for a few minutes to then later going in their merry way to what ever the hell they were doing ignoring the real danger and threat that can be striking at any moment.

It seems, ISIL literally kicked the US hard in terms that every soldier that comes back from tours in the Middle East almost 5 or even 10 times ends up broken mentally and physically, while their own government that promised scholarships are not caring in the world after the controversial methods towards their own soldiers in terms of health care. Where thousands of patients die because of long waits and schedule mishaps. Not only that, mental patients are suffering the most with unnecessary amounts of pills and drugs instead of giving the help they need and they opt to commit suicide. But while the video states that 18 soldiers kill themselves daily, which is around 6,500 annually. It is true, but that information was taken by Ed Pilkington article in 2013 on The Guardian under the tittle “US Military Struggling to Stop Suicide Epidemic Among War Veterans.”

Right now at the present time could be higher than 22 and the Military is leaving at that because they actually don’t care. Ask a veteran who served tours how their mental issues are going. Did they received proper care? Did they received therapy, counseling sessions? How they deal with their daily lives without mental health treatments?

The money issue is also true in part. United States has more than billions of dollars in debt that they would opt for cutting necessary services for it’s people like schools, transportation and social security to fund airplanes, ships, armored vehicles, weapons and missiles that cost 250,000 a pop for the sake of oil and resources. Not for the sake of it’s people living there in the Middle East. Sure, they can defend themselves, but why United States have to intervene a lot on foreign countries where we have a race war brewing, a President that actually wants to look good on camera and a group of clowns who wants this position to then do absolutely nothing to help their own and that includes vets? Americans had this mentality that bigger is better, but without a effective plan of action, it would be like having erectile dysfunction. Seriously, I’m not here to tell that this terrorist group is better than a corrupt capitalist system we’re living today and sadly people are still sleeping. When a threat in a form of a video, newspaper or radio ad comes along with information that could be true or a little bit twisted, it entices people to join because they’re seriously fed up with their state they’re in. And what’s frightening is ISIL is recruiting minorities including Blacks to join “their cause.”

Finally, ISIL wants domination of the whole world, just like the Nazis did in the WWII, the question however is if it’s going to be repeated if United States stop being the selfish child and handle it like a nation?