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Yesterday, after leaving it for the last moment with the help of the receptionist I filed my health insurance benefits. And the reasons why  is because I’m avoiding my tax penalty because of not having it. But at what price? I choose a $2,500 deductible with no-copay (none of the health insurance they offer has that option) for $20.00 each paycheck and I also choose vision for $2.00 approx. because I need new lenses since my dog chew up. The dental however, I have to go to a nearby non-profit service for that if I have a tooth problem that has to be fixed.

Anyway,summing up the cost out of every paycheck approximately $22.00 every two weeks a month it would be $44.00. A year would be approx. $528.00 a year or more if certain months have three paydays. If you don’t file for insurance this year for the first time, you will oblige to pay a fine when you file your tax return and I think that’s depending on what states tax penalty are.

For example, for a full year for 2015 if you’re earning $17,000 with no children or spouse you have to pay $325.00 penalty. For 2016, if you don’t have health insurance, with the same earnings you will be paying $695.00. And I still don’t know where’s that penalty money is going except one part on a website I found recently:

When you pay the tax penalty it goes toward healthcare spending on ACA subsidies, Medicare, Medicaid, and other federal and state healthcare programs. Or at least that is the easiest connection to make, in general all taxes paid go into a single fund which gets used to run our economy. Considering the three biggest expenditures are Social Security, Military, and HealthCare, saying the money goes back into healthcare is a fairly simple and accurate answer.

Healthcare is super expensive, so when someone goes without insurance they pay a penalty as part of their shared responsibility of providing health care to over 350,000 million Americans. It may seem unfair on the surface, but everyone uses the health care system eventually. About 88% of uninsured Americans don’t pay their hospital bills. In 2011 there was nearly $50 billion in unpaid hospital bills. Hospitals can write these off, but that is money taken out of the pockets of state taxpayers (a write off = less money paid in taxes).

Ok, it goes to Medicare, Medicaid and “other” federal and government programs. So, if you live in a state that doesn’t have Medicaid expansion, that means that other people’s fine means more money for these programs that can’t even use because of that regardless of their income and are essential, they’re NOT for them that actually needed for them and their children because it’s aimed at the elderly, disabled and in some cases pregnant women.

Another thing that Obamacare changed is the regulations of the majority of Health Insurance companies regarding what services are providing to the majority of their customers. One thing that puzzles me is why the doctor’s co-pay are off and are “replaced” with high deductibles? If you go to the doctor, you have to pay a full amount every visit, not like you use to pay a co-pay and get over with. Also, the more you pay for health insurance that your employer offers, the less deductible you will have to pay out of pocket. And still, there’s no coverage for infertility treatment as of yet. And some pay a little to none on coverage they offer for example hospital stays, psychiatric services, etc.

It feels to me that living in the Northwest, without Medicaid expansion I’m paying for services that I can’t get and have to pay out of my own broke pocket if I’m getting sick without going to the ER. It feels I’m “uninsured” even thought I have health insurance and paying more that I can’t afford. Right now, thousands of people living there who actually need Medicaid, cannot get it and have to still use non-profit services that are income based.

Overall, Obamacare didn’t benefit it’s citizens, it only benefits Health Insurance companies and demand everyone to have health insurance or else. It was better if Obamacare wasn’t set in place, or imitate what other countries are doing to help it’s citizens getting better health without losing an arm and a leg or both.