100 Years Changed in 2 Minutes

It’s nearly the end of 2015. With the come and go of technological advantages and groundbreaking events still the human race change with it clothing, food even exercise routines and even slang and dialects. Recently, Mode, WatchCut Video among others have featured videos that speak for itself the changes women and men had embraced from the 1900 to today. Here’s some of their best videos:

100 years of Beauty

In the version of 100 years from WatchCut Video features the changes over the decades from the American point of view when it comes to hairstyles for women and men in their respectable decades and from some parts of the world. It is pretty unique, beautiful with added simplicity without being exaggerated or sensationalist. The best videos are Korea, Germany, USA, and the African-American version.

 100 Years of Fashion

Mode introduced their videos showing men/women fashions from different eras and also it includes wedding dresses, Halloween costumes, swimsuits and lingerie. But also they added a special bonus to their series which is 100 years of Family Dinners. The difference is only focused on the American Culture.

100 Years of Fitness

Benenden UK, a Healthcare Private provider created this short video about the history of exercise from stretches to the now Zumba. Still, every decade dealt with having a good health too thru fitness. Very great video!

It’s fascinating and curious to see the trends of the past in less than 2 minutes. It doesn’t hurt to see it.