Boys Cannot Be Boys

At my new job, a co-worker was spilling her beans regarding her shattered love life telling her fiancee of a few years verbally abused her and physically abuse her dog by kicking him. In the end, she moved back to her parents house, who disprove this guy from day one, and she’s trying to pick up the pieces.

Now, what’s wrong with this picture?

It is the way his parents or his single mother raised him?

Did he had some type of trauma that makes him distrustful of women?

In the following decades after feminism, men simply has lost their way, their ambition, their role and their power in society. In a generation that divorce is the norm, child/spousal support is in a way a punishment, men has just hide and run away from the fact that women in their lives have been given more power, even if they’re in the wrong to reclaim their “rights.” Even if they don’t have the means to support her kids properly, even if they use threats, violence and deceive to get what they want, leaving the husband in many cases without a cent in his name. Even if they give themselves credit for something they didn’t do with little or no effort in their relationship. Even if the man didn’t have no other choice and under pressure of the courts to leave the child at the mercy of their ex-wives by scarring them mentally by telling them how lazy, selfish, evil her ex has become and transmitting her anger, disdain, and without the husband’s guidance to her boy, the child in the long run will become violent.

He becomes violent because he doesn’t know the role he’s identify with and frustrated because he have all this abilities, all this power and he’s restrained because he feels he’s stuck in the wall, punished because the girls won’t let him participate in a society that offers his potential. Because the moment he steps up and demonstrate his power, he is going to show his true potential.

In the meantime, boys are going to become boys, immature boys, while girls are going to stop boys from becoming men from happening.