The Resurgence of the Anti-Feminism Movement


Last week, at Williams College in Massachusetts, a debate featuring an anti-feminist author Suzanne Venker, has been cancelled over threats by the feminist movement. It seems that there’s censorship because the feminist movement doesn’t want to be like they were before. And frankly, I don’t blame them, since “I’m the breadwinner while “depending” and abusing on men, and seriously it has to stop.

I used to believe that being a feminist equals being able to achieve goals as equals to men, achieving the same rights and privileges. But in the following years it has become a role that actually don’t even fit, doesn’t belong and actually doesn’t identify. It’s in a way to say their husbands to step down while they get a better job while leaving their kids at the mercy of strangers at child care. Destroying the structure of the traditional family and also destroying the future generation of men by humiliating, denigrating and put them wrongly in their place.

But what can I say about it? Feminism inspires vulnerable women to “embrace” themselves by divorcing their husbands while trying to get a career that doesn’t fit, all while trying to “take” care of her kids all in the end pretending to be independent. But how they can be independent if they need government assistance or child support from their ex?

So why the feminist movement didn’t allow this woman to be part of a debate and participate like an adult? What are they’re afraid of? Or what are they’re hiding? Of telling them that this movement is not benefiting women and instead it’s affecting women giving them false hope that they can do everything by themselves when it’s just an illusion.