After a few days after the incident in which a coward so-called police officer thrown a Black girl out of her chair for “disrupting” a class, there’s more information regarding this incident and the people involved. The fact is no man who is above the law should treat a girl like a criminal, not only that, her dignity shouldn’t be destroyed by his actions. But more importantly, Policemen should practice common sense in regards to act and speak. And sadly, this policeman didn’t have no clue what he was getting into.

People Involved:

“Officer” Ben Fields: The main protagonist in the video which violently thrown a teenage girl out of the chair while dragging her like a dirty ol’ rag. He was sued twice before for his violent behavior, but ended up in being in favor of Fields. He was a “school resource officer” at the Spring Valley High School in South Carolina at the time of the incident. Although, he was on Administrative Leave with no pay, he was later fired and in the coming days, the FBI and the Justice Department will schedule an investigation and will file charges against Ben Fields for civil rights violations against the student.

The unnamed StudentThe victim of this whole incident. She was “defiant” against the teacher, the principal and even students for her behavior. But she didn’t deserve to be treated like an animal, like scum, like a criminal. All for a phone. That’s right! Based on another witness Tony Robinson, Jr, it all started with the teacher demanding the victim to give the phone back. And for the teacher’s attitude, it all escalated. But the reality of it all, she lost her mother recently and she’s living in a foster home. Her adoptive mother, won’t disclose her name however, this action by Fields scarred her forever.

Niya Kenny:  The person who took the infamous video was defending the victim not only by taking the video from her phone, but also telling the officer, “This is wrong!” She got arrested “for sport”  under the excuse of disturbing the school not having a solid evidence against her except defending her classmate.

The others:

Tony Robinson, Jr: Another classmate who recorded another piece of the important puzzle. In the interview at WLTV-TV, he told, “She really hadn’t done anything wrong. She said that she had took her phone out, but it was only for a quick second.” And for a quick second, it escalated for a traumatic 5 minutes not only for her, but for the rest of the class.

The unnamed teacher, the principal and the school administration: The math teacher, didn’t have the right tools to deal with a person who was “texting” in class. He, the principal and the administration should observe many options to how to deal with students. But calling the principal and finally Ben Fields to the scene, when he could do it himself that would be absurd!By simply giving her a ticket or a note to be handled at the principal office would do just fine.

Sheriff Leon Lott: Trying to defend “his own” blaming the girl for causing Ben Fields firing. And later on, dropping the bomb that there’s another video of the girl “striking” an Fields. Sheriff Lott wasn’t there at the moment this incident happened. He later tells at a news conference, like a failed historian. that Fields’ girlfriend is Black. Who cares? It’s not about having interracial relationship, it’s about the methods to deal with a “unruly” classmate and using excessive force isn’t one of them. In the meantime, keep on fooling yourself. Another angle where the teen “punched” the officer.

For my understanding, the media worked both ways in disturbing and sensationalized the news in a way of gaining ratings not telling the public what’s really going on. We weren’t there. We didn’t know some of the issues that started the whole incident. We didn’t know for example, this girl lost her mother and she was trying to get by without no psychological help, not even from the school she’s in. We didn’t know the officer has a long history of violence, that he shouldn’t be working as a police officer, not even in the streets, and not even in the school. We didn’t know these classmates who posted the video were defending their own classmate not fearing the repercussions that could bring to them and to their families. But we cannot stay silent. What would happen if the officer kills this young girl? For the unnamed victim, we offer her condolences and prayers and help to deal with the aftermath. She doesn’t deserved to be treated like that.