We Are NOT Punching Bags

One of the many problems that Black Women encounters apart from being discriminated, denigrated, humiliated, is being the part of being the punching bag from males. This is a common silent practice that when a man wants to be in control of the situation, resorts to verbal and/or physical abuse. Thousands of videos of Black women of all sizes are thrown, spat, hit violently to the point of being unconsciousness and even in certain cases, dead by cowards who just want to do it for the excitement, for the control, to put the women, black women in it’s place even if it’s unjustified.

Recently, a video showed up of a Black teenage girl being thrown out from her chair by a muscled able cop because she didn’t reply to his commands of leaving the classroom. And I bet, there’s something going wrong with this picture! Why the person recording didn’t catch the beginning of the conflict to make sure everyone knows that exactly went on instead of capturing this distraught scene? Because, for my understanding society wants to make the point across in regarding understanding human dignity and respect their boundaries. But, when it comes to a woman of color, it’s all no hold barred? Can the cop in the video had any practice apart from treating this young woman like a used rag? How can he deal at his own home? How can this guy could perhaps kill this young woman while the rest of the students didn’t do absolutely nothing? Because they were doing absolutely nothing, including her own, and that sickens me! Are her parents are going to do something about it? Because just for not complying doesn’t have to end up with a trip to jail it has to be something truly serious, like carrying weapons or drugs or even now-a-days, carrying some violent poetry about mass killings. Just because she was a girl, she was a Black girl, that her future and her trust for her own and man has been scarred on her for life.

And I wonder, when it’s going to stop? It has been deep routed even slavery times, where Black women slaves were brutalized, beaten, raped and even killed by whites and it’s still doing it today with more sinister reasons, other than it’s funny to see a Black women being owned by men no matter what race. Obviously, IT’S NOT FUNNY seeing a Black woman thrown out to receive a beating! IT’S NOT FUNNY, watching videos of Black women being unconscious by men who threw their last punch while everyone laughs! IT’S NOT PLEASANT seeing Black women specially girls being lashed with a belt by their parents, specially fathers even if they did a grave mistake! Black women are the foundation of the new generation, and by treating them like dirt, like animals, like nothing, they’re going to be grown up to be nothing, afraid with trust issues, low self esteem and in many cases violent against authority that they suppose to protect them. And for that incident, this young woman’s future is destroyed for the rest of her life.

UPDATE: The coward in the video, Ben Fields, has been placed under administrative leave. And there’s going to be a intensive investigation in this matter. Don’t know about the girl, but let’s hope she gets the legal help she deserves.