Legalize or not?

Former Basketball player and Khloe Kardashian ex husband Lamar Odom was found unconscious after a night of debauchery and excess at a undisclosed “love ranch” in Nevada. Odom was consuming drugs and alcohol while having sex with prostitutes who were working at the ranch. This is NOT the first or the last that a man, married or single decided to visit these sites, because even thought Nevada is perhaps the only state that legalize prostitution, it’s the only place that men and women who are in higher financial standing go there for the thrill. Now the issue however is not his actions at that ranch, but politicians and so-called moralists or conservatives could take this issue to their advantage, stating that visiting a ranch or a place to have consensual sex does NOT offer security, does offer the destruction of families and in many cases abuse the working girls on and off duty. It seems to me that when a school shooting or a massacre at a public place occurs, politicians reacted quickly blaming the wrong culprit, that is guns while omitting the obvious: mental health. Meanwhile, I didn’t see any politicians try to ban prostitution in Nevada, because obviously it’s their dark well kept secret. But what would happen if it does repeal the legalization of prostitution? Compared to other states that outlaws it, for example, would be profiting on the legal and criminal aspects. Placing an arrest, conviction and time in jail to then set them free without rehabilitation or any form of help that can avoid to go back to their old profession it’s the most common. The johns however, they got it easier, that if they don’t have sex with a minor.

Another issue is the human trafficking, where millions of dollars are used to bring foreign women with the “promise” of modeling to then be stuck in the dark, sinister and deadly world of prostitution against their will, where their mode of operations is their classic “massage parlors” and also using the internet as well to promote their merchandise. And last, but not least, the “independent” worker girls posing in the streets at night without no supervision or safety, risking in many cases their lives by violent johns who just not only want to have sex with them, they just want to torture, rape and kill.

Still after the incident, there’s no even a politician who can say: “Prostitution is INDEED destroying our families, couples and our children and we have to do something about it.” But if they repeal it, Nevada would be in shambles financially because the main attraction apart from casinos and live shows is the live girls. These girls who are working in the ranch would obviously have to find another “career” choice or keep on doing in secretly for the fear of being arrested. “Legal” pimps would re-invent their revenue and their tactic to drugs. Politicians and other men in power have to go other routes to get their groove on, even travel overseas if they deemed necessary while leaving their trophy wives at home because it would be a career destruction if they’re in the streets looking for 20 dollar whores. Obviously, they just looking elsewhere because, sex in on their minds.