I missed the Democratic Debate, because of one thing. They’re NOT convincing at all in solving the most basic problems this country is facing. If a person can’t fix it, doesn’t suppose that others can put up their chance? During the debate, it was mostly the star of the show, which is Hillary Clinton who was basically “acting” up to her performance. Bernie Sanders, sadly, couldn’t even have the initiative to at least show his points and his strategies without acting defeated. The rest of the bunch… well, don’t know them, so I didn’t bother what’s their plan or strategies which sucks and that’s would be Clinton’s advantage to win the so-called debate.

It seems that the Democrat party isn’t finding what’s looking for to gain popularity in their voters. Instead, they’re playing the old song with a different tune, and people might be covering their ears while others are not interested. It seems that we got enough excuses. Seems to me, we got enough of their routine that it’s tiring, overworked and staged. Seems to me that Hilary had the road easy for her because not only she’s a woman, but there’s no other candidates who are not impressive enough, not driven enough and not charismatic. Comparing to the clown show of the republican debate, this democrat debate isn’t just blah. Bland.

So what are my choices? I can’t vote for a candidate that he or she’s not sure how to do things. I’m not going to vote for a candidate just for a fashion statement. Even though I made a freaking mistake of placing a vote on Obama because I wanted Bush or any republican candidate to NOT be the leader of this country, I want to vote for not a candidate but a person with integrity, balanced output and leadership. I would want no one. who are influenced by the big corporations and millionaires, to rule what’s left and turn it into profit for them at the cost of millions. The democrat party isn’t what it was, it turned softy, weak and with no aspirations, no wonder I wish it would be more exciting getting independent candidates than people being stuck in some group boring the people to death.