There Goes the Gun Control Wingnuts… But What about Mental Illness?

First of all, my sympathies for the victims and survivors of the Oregon shooting. But every shooting that has occurred it always starts with “Gun Control” and ideas about how to prevent men or women avoid getting guns not for fun or defense but to avoid commit crimes and tragedies. I know the second amendment we have the right to bear arms, but what about exactly the real issues concerning why this man Chris Harper-Mercer decided to ask questions and shoot people later? It might shocked you or might turn you the other way because he used a item that caused harm and death. But it’s his decision to caused it. It’s his choice. But why he did it? Is it because he have distorted beliefs? Is it he hate Christianity? It goes deeper than that. Like any shooter, Chris might have an undiagnoticed mental condition and his parents didn’t addressed that in time. Mental health has gone to hell, because of the lack of funding, the lack of resources and the lack of proper strategies to deal with a person with mental illness. But why politicians doesn’t address the real culprit that is the lack of mental health hospitals, clinics instead of just trying to prohibit US responsible citizens to bear arms?

It seems to me that mental illness is as invisible and less “important” than the legal right to carrying a gun. But what about our legal rights to be treated with respect and dignity when it comes to our mental health? Ever since public funded mental hospitals and clinics were ceased to exist decades ago due to controversies including abuse, neglect and even killings (Willowbrook) in the past, now the system is resorting on different and dangerous tactics while the government, from the state level to the president, doesn’t address it, doesn’t fix it, and ignore the issue all together.

It’s a shame that another person succumb to harming others and himself because of the inability to take care of his health, by finding out what’s his conditions for later treat it. But more shameful are the so-called politicians that ignore and keep ignoring this important issue, looking away from the real problem and make excuses why mental health isn’t improving.