Maybe Planned Parenthood could go to Europe

In Europe specially in places like Russia, Romania and other points, poor stricken mothers leave their children because they cannot take care of them. Specially this mother from Romania who gave birth to triplets, who, despite being illiterate and living in a small shack, she decided to give her own babies to the orphanage because she can’t afford them. But then, it comes the issue of if she opened her legs, she should take the responsibility of taking care of them, crap. Another thing, where’s the father? If he’s out of the mess he caused? Why it is so common for guys out there to just fuck and leave?

If only their government would adopt a system of parental planning. If only Planned Parenthood would help these women of Europe getting the best care possible to delay when they want to have kids, this mother and many others wouldn’t be dealing with the consequences of unplanned pregnancy. At least, in the USA, we have it for granted…

And still women opted for keeping their babies under poverty stricken lifestyles just for receiving welfare. If Planned Parenthood would shut down, women cannot have the services needed to delay having an unwanted child. Or in certain cases, finding out if they have breast of ovarian cancer. It would be a huge gap between the working poor and the rich elite, where they have to literally have to learn to keep their legs closed, and the rich would have to go to their primary doctor for contraceptives or plan B. And in case, if women become pregnant and can’t afford abortion facilities, they have to do horrendous measures to eliminate the baby even if they take their own life in the process. If they deliver the baby, they have to give the baby away for the Foster Care system to take care of it.

Like this mother, there’s gonna be a lot of scared teens, to working poor women dealing with the concept of “who’s gonna take care of my baby, if the asshole of the father is gone?” Later, there’s going to be more scared women who are ashamed of that outcome to leave their own babies in garbage bins, toilets in the public bathrooms, corn fields, parks, ect… They don’t want to do anything with them, for the fact that they’re NOT ready to be mothers. But, they were ready to have unprotected sex, because honestly we humans have animal instincts, right? Planned Parenhood, isn’t that bad, but for other third world countries, it would be a blessing for married and unmarried women. But here in the states, Republicans are going for the battle of who can control women rights to procreate… and it’s horrible what’s the outcome could be.