When Man’s Best Friend Leaves

Yesterday, one of my co-workers, *Betty told me the bad news about his brother’s dog *Phil after he was having back problems since last week. They decided to put the dog to sleep in the morning. For me, my sadness went completely overboard, and also my memories of my dog Pillsbury surged in my mind as a reminder that even great companions no matter how old or young, fade away.

Pets are great friends, but not only that. They give you love back if you treat them with love, patience and sometimes with a little bit of discipline. They play with you, cuddle you, spend time with you. They’re loyal and protective of the ones who loves them. It’s a huge sadness that Phil, a border collie have to leave this earth, and it’s short that dogs as well as cats have to live. But their memories are scripted in our minds and hearts. Losing a dog is as hard as you’re losing a relative. For my experience, I couldn’t stop crying for weeks. As I remember, a piece of me died when he was gone. That’s how this man is going to experience. It leaves a empty spot. And it’s horrible, indescribable.

His dog was his perfect friend. Someone who can listen to you, even look at you even in the darkest days and slowly cheers you up. Some people will conform with BBF. But for some people like me, I consider my dog my Best Honest Friend. So, please pray for Him. Pray for others who had to endure this saddest day of their lives when they have to let their furry friend go on the other side. Give them support, compassion and understanding and a little bit of time to grief. My condolences to Betty and his brother for Phil’s passing.

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