We have to Keep It Separated

Kim Davis drama is as infuriating as that reporter who kicked Syrians live on camera. The so-called Rowan County Clerk, was arrested for contempt for not giving gay couples marriage licenses. But, the thing that keeps me thinking is about her character, since she got married four times to later divorce the first three, have children out of wedlock and have an adulterous affair before converting herself to “Christianity” in 2007, now she thinks she’s God by denying licenses to gay people. The issue is that when it comes to the government, we have to obey the Constitution and the laws that abide, but putting religion in the mix could cause a huge confusion and screw ups. Supreme court allowed gay marriages, Kim Davis on the other hand because of her “moral” and “religious” convictions she cannot fulfill her duties to allow marriage licenses.  Every employee no matter what type of religious affiliation they’re at, should NOT interfere with the laws stated no matter how “immoral” these laws are. The only thing is that when laws are unconstitutional by the First Amendment or threaten our civil rights, not when certain religion such as Christianity is trying to control it.

Another thing about Davis is that her attitude makes Christianity looks bad. Awfully bad when in fact Jesus teaches to love one another as themselves, doing acts of mercy like Maria Magdalene washing Jesus’ feet with her tears as a sign of humility and forgiveness, all while Jesus hate the hypocrite pharisees who dictated when and how to do things to “please” god. Jesus didn’t push aside the sick, the tired, the weary and the sinners. He was welcoming them with open arms and Davis lost her way. By proving a martyr by going to jail because she didn’t do her job, is as stupid as the Duggars planning on having another baby on the way, even though there’s a lot of contraceptives available on the market. It seems to me that all she wanted was publicity and she got it in the worst way possible. The state should impeach that woman immediately for not following the law. As the Bible stated and she failed to read is:

And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. And they marveled at him.  Mark 12:17 King James Version

She didn’t obviously didn’t received the memo.