10 Billion Doubtful Views

Youtube broadcaster Felix Kjellberg also known as ‘PewDiePie’ hit a milestone yesterday when he hit for the first time in history 10 Billion views on his channel on YouTube. It seems primarily doubtful that a famous youtube “star” have that when in reality the earth population is about 7.3 billion, so how does this guy reached this?

Simply, youtube have counters that determinate how many views that video have been hit. In the past, in order to get into that “popularity” contest, a lot of broadcasters uses cheats to get at least a moderate amount of views. Like this for example:

Many desperate broadcasters need revenue from their videos and in order to gain that, they have to resort to using cheats to have their videos viral. Let me tell you something, my friends, I’m not against PewDiePie, I know he’s a so-so broadcaster doing gaming videos, but there’s other gaming broadcasters (nope, I’m not taking about Markiplier, Booggie, Angry Joe, among others) who are starting in this venture and are better and more charismatic who want to get at least their 15 minutes legally and they get cast aside because of viewing counters.

Youtube should emphasize on quality and also on exposing newcomers, not how many viewers watch a video since they can’t watch a video just only once, but two, three or even 10 times. But if you watch a video more than 10 times, that could resort to using bots for that. That’s how PewDiePie got that milestone, plus, he have sponsors who can manipulate how youtube works so, there you have it. Another thing is the statistics. Based on PewDiePie channel, he made 2,480 videos and have 39,222,236 subscribers. His latest video uploaded yesterday have 1,736,228 views. And I think the majority of the subscribers are bots. The numbers doesn’t add up when it comes to having that 10 billion mark. So, it comes to part that youtube is turning into a cheating machine with unfair practices regarding how many people watch a certain video, how many people are subscribed, if the users are real or not and how many sponsors, if any are helping broadcasters by giving them a “boost.” It seems to me that it looks not so real and more about ego status to be the king of youtube even if they have to cheat to get it.