I Can’t Go For That…

I can’t believe Puerto Ricans can be that stupid.

Hillary Clinton, visited this beautiful island last week. Not to settle to visit it’s beautiful beaches, or surround herself in the multicultural music, food, and architectural buildings. No, people! She went there, spend 90-minute “conference” to gather money for her campaign and got the fuck out of there. Simply as that. It was more of a One Night Stand in the politics world where politicians want money, not plans to solve many problems the United States and it’s territories, including this one are facing.

It’s simply to think that a presidential runner will go to some state or territory, raising money to then vanish in thin air and not only that, if she/he wins they will forget every word they rehearsed for the last so and so months to focus on the more important issues, such as feed the rich after they put their grain in it.

Puerto Rico is in severe crisis right now, between the water rationing, the 72 billion dollars debt they have to pay, the high crime incidents either by drugs or violence, the high rate of unemployment and the most popular, people depending on “El mantengo” or relying on welfare to “survive,” and the huge corruption made in part by the “politicians,” disorganization and lack of maintenance of infrastructures really make this country a ghost scary town instead of producing goods, creating jobs that people can sustain from, making strict laws by introducing capital punishment for murders, and eliminating corruption for good from the source. But then, it’s not gonna happen. It’s better the possibility that this island will sink from a Tsunami than fixing the real problems.

And then, Clinton visits PR. It’s such an ugly tactic, visiting when a country or territory is suffering the most, instead of giving some money, she stole half a million dollars. Do you know what they can do with that half a million dollars? These people should use that, for at least cover the payment of that debt. That debt is the Achilles heel, and these so-called politicians should do better than standing in front of the TV screen pooped and saying to their people “there’s no money to pay that debt.” Seriously? There’s no money? Why they raised half a million dollars for this plastic faced gringo, when they raise that money every month to at least cover enough to pay it?  What the hell they were thinking? Can they think instead of dreaming this and any other politician will solve every problem? I’m sorry, but the people elected them to do their job, if they don’t do their job, or either get kicked out of the office or not voting them again. But Puerto Ricans are dreamers, and they’re easily get tricked and get crashed in the end when they don’t even get the help they need. More embarrassing, these politicians won’t do nothing but giving it’s people false hope.