Call Me, Bond, My Brotha!

Anthony Horowitz, a so-called author who’s is doing a book for the James Bond series considers that a Black man could never be the next or a future James Bond. In his latest post on Twitter he commented that actor Idris Elba couldn’t be the next James Bond because he looks “too street” for the role of the Secret Agent, Ladies man of danger and “mystery.” And it figures from an arrogant racist asshole. But let me tell you the details…

  • James Bond is created by Ian Flemming. Horowitz is just an author, and basically has the right to speak his mind no matter how offensive and ignorant he might say.
  • Emphasizing  on the race, rather than the accomplishment that Elba has been doing over the years is surely and common practice of racism in the entertainment industry for decades.

So, how Elba is considered a “too street” when he was portraying different characters in shows like The Wire and Luther and movies like The Avengers, Thor, Pacific Rim, Mandela: Long Road to Freedom, among others. He is a very talented and very good looking actor that he could be more greater than Daniel Craig if color wasn’t the common denominator, but in 2015 still racism roots are growing strong that the only alternative would be creating characters that can be role models for US not for leftovers on replacing characters created by Whites.

If there’s a possibility to create a Black Secret Agent, a Superhero or a female superhero as a main protagonist in a movie, book or tv series it would be endless. But there’s a lot of setbacks and obstacles to overcome for Black Authors to make their dreams a reality.  If only, they could given a chance. But reality is many of talented illustrators, writers, creators never finish High School. And if they finish, the chances of going to College fades away as poverty and crime sets in. At least, Horowitz have it easy in terms of upbringing and education, and still didn’t control his beliefs that literally didn’t have time to put his foot up his mouth by his commentary.

Yes, Elba should be a great actor portraying a daring Secret Agent, if only Black writers would get a big break.