Certainly I don’t care, ma’am!

The latest music video from Taylor Swift is full of controversies once again as social media and all criticized it because of the lack of People of Color in a continent that is predominantly Black. In the video “Wildest Dreams” tells a “tragic” story of a couple of actors in the 1950’s who “fell” in love in Africa, and back to the States she founds out he was married or some sort. The issue is during the 1950’s there were a lot of Africans in the continent but they were oppressed by the white supremacy groups and organizations that denies them for opportunities they’re rightfully theirs and instead are cast aside until Apartheid in the 1980’s.

But why every music video a white artist features it must include minorities? Isn’t because they want to please them? Or isn’t because they (music companies) want to earn more revenue? I wish I have a clue. In a “post-racial” America, being pushed aside or worst stereotype them when making music videos has become a norm, even if they have to be painfully “accurate” about a certain period in time to make a point. Which could be “We own your ass.”

But wait a minute! There’s still music videos featuring Black Artists that stereotypes Black Culture by portraying exaggerated images of “gansta” promoting domestic violence and crime while the “hoes” promotes overly sexual dances, not forgetting drug and alcohol use, but where’s the outrage in that?

“Wildest Dreams” content is in reality glorifying having an affair which is more worse than setting the images back to a colonized Africa in the 1950’s, featuring no Blacks at all. Don’t forget Swift’s video “Shake it Off” included Black women twerking which was more offensive than “Wildest Dreams.” But at least, their “Wildest Dreams” would be eradicating Blacks from the Whites, right?