Why Black Artists Settle For Being The Clowns?

I truly dislike the MTV Video Music Awards for years, because it wasn’t like twenty years ago.  It’s simply offensive now seeing these so called artists in scantily clad clothing, promoting their filthy music with so much expletives that actually I just wish I’m deaf. But the fact of the matter is this. Why Black Artists not only in these awards but any white dominated awards show they’re desperate for acceptance? Why they are trying to do this showing like they’re going to the fighting ring instead of showing some class and leave? Why they are trying to pretend they have a best white friend on stage “singing” their hearts out when all the fans wants to hear is Taylor Swift? I mean, are Black artists went so low just to get attention?

There’s a lot of Black Artists that can make an old person cry with their powerful voices, some can shock their audience by their lyrics without the power of cussing, and others can inspire us to do great things, motivate us, move us by their grooves and rhythms. Where are they? It’s impossible that a Black Artist, who doesn’t fit the stereotype that music industry promotes endlessly, can have their big break in show business. But in order to earn the buck, they have to denigrate themselves, deny their own selves, changing their appearance to then being accepted.  Give them a script and there you have it! You got a music clown who is trying to earn the acceptance from whites but instead is ridiculed, bashed and ignored by society.  Isn’t that right, Nicki?

If you want to promote your music, your style and yourself you better think twice before selling your soul to the “devil” of white supremacy in the entertainment category. Question yourself, does my music will help my people? Or will my music destroys them? Does showing my true self will accept my people more than having a costume that were imposed by the white supremacy system to denigrate myself and my community for the sake of the buck? And the most important, Do I want to make famous by my accomplishments in the entertainment business for myself and my people by being a positive role model or should I have to wear scantily clothing, dance in sexually explicit moves and act negatively to shame my race and my community?

These days, it’s so damaging for Black Artists behaving that way not only at awards shows but in their life span of their music career instead of showing some class, some manners that fans not only are attractive to their music or movies but are attracted to their character. It’s time (and it’s long overview) that Artists should have a lot of balls to just say the music industry “NO” and walk away from it. Black artists need a lot of respect.