Race Related or Stupidity?

A few days ago, a book club consisted of 10 African-American and one white women were ejected out of the Napa Valley Wine Train for “unruly” behavior.

These women who excelled themselves in having a book club, were humiliated beyond repair by their staff demanding to keep “their noise down” or else they will be kicked out of the train.

These women are warriors, not only they created a group that can feel united and being identified with, but also they created a great bonding by reading books, commenting and expressing their views. I think, I never heard black women ever held a book club. Mostly by society and stereotype standards, Black women would rather twerk than reading. It’s an awesome achievement these women had accomplished and thanx to these morons at Napa Valley Wine Train, it ruined their whole experience. Not only that, these employees learned the language and the law of Jim Crow without regret in an era where White Privilege is in full swing, while still relegating Blacks as second class citizens.

This incident goes as it follows: The Book Club consisted on 11 females were “belligerent”, “Loud” and “obnoxious” during the trip, disrupting the other passengers on the trip.

The staff ordered to kicked them out because of their “behavior” but a witness who saw the incident said otherwise.


Now, the Question is “How?”

Did these women were cussing?

Talking Loud, Laughing loud?

Were they a threat to themselves or the other passengers?

The answers were NO!

Perhaps, it’s their first time going on Wine tasting, but that doesn’t mean other people had the right to disturb their experience. And racist bastards beware! If a drunk group of white women did the same thing and behave the way these Black women did, they wouldn’t even notice, they were living them alone to have fun, right? But since they’re Black, OH MY GOODNESS! They have to spoil their fun and make it humiliated so they won’t comeback again and stay in their place.

I hope these women will endure this negative spotlight they encountered. And if I had the money I will make them a trip to Italy to know how wine is made and be themselves. This culture of degradation against Black women has to stop, period! I’m sick and tired of these racist bastards ruin everything for People of Color when it comes to be themselves, and be out of the stereotype box society have put on.

For the owners of the train, money and a plain apology cannot fix this incident, Justice IS! #BlackWomenMatters


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