Adding Salt to the Wound

After I posted my blog, I found a “tragic” story of one journalist and a cameraman shot by a man live on TV. I assumed it was a mental deranged white man who had a grudge against what ever he could think of. But turns out in a confused story of they said, he said and the media wants the latest gossip around instead of investigating with a conclusion to why the hell he commit it. Instead it turned out to be a great ugly circus with all the causes and disturb it.

The killing of Alison Parker and Adam Ward at the hands of Vester L. Flanagan II, caused a brainstorm of emotions and thoughts related to what it caused it to happen, to the fact of race of the killer. Why the importance of  race? Why not focus on the causes than the race factor in the crime?

Here’s what it follows. Vester was a former newsman at WDBJ in Virgina from 2012 to 2013. During that period, he was constantly bullied by his fellow co-workers including Alison and Adam who made racist remarks at his character to the point he filed a complaint to the Equal Opportunity Work Commission which they dismissed the claim. In his manifesto, he was a bomb ready to explode at any moment which he did killing them.

On the other side, the news crew of WDBJ added their own accounts of what Vester is. An odd, difficult to work with individual who have a grudge of two individuals who destroyed his “career.” You put two and this together blended with a little lie and suspense and there you have it. A tragic story of two reporters who have their lives ahead of them crushed, and a deranged man who just because he was bullied to the point of feeling hopeless just because of his skin color and his sexual orientation that he did just that.

And finally, who should I feel pity? Should I pity the victims or should I pity the killer? If I pity the victims I may in part be blinded because of their contributions to society even thought they caused this. If I pity the killer, I may be subjected and judged as a racist, deranged woman because I’m defending a man who couldn’t defend himself and couldn’t get the help he needed it. I can’t even speak my mind about it only that I just sided with none of your business just to be neutral.

But there’s one thing. Bullying just because of their sexual orientation, skin color, doesn’t mean it all goes well to the perpetrators. What goes around, comes around, even if it end up tragic.