The End of Monogamy

It all started with a hacker group, The Impact Team hacked the infamous “dating” site for cheaters “Ashley and promised that if this site and a sugar daddy site won’t shut down, they will post all member’s information that includes their private names, credit card information and all that. Sadly, Avid Life Media didn’t budge or protect itself from such an attack and a few days ago they published all the information on a “dark site” for everyone to see, and that includes all people from higher backgrounds, including government officials, sports players and now celebrities and this time it is Josh Duggar who gets the bash.

Duggar, who is an advocate for “Christian Values” and the oldest of the Duggar clan, is under scrutiny after one of those data dump that The Impact Team has posted contained private and sensitive information about his double life. He have been named Josh_the_man, he spent $986 between 2012 and 2015, and his searches are looking for a professional woman who dislike routine and have a secret love nest. He, since didn’t have no choice in the matter, published an apology, but then the damage is done. A broken man who broke a marriage and blame “pornography” for his behavior.

This is the age of polygamy, where couples who are tired of each other, instead of calling it quits decided to meet other people under the illusion of excitement and experimentation regarding sex without emotion like heated animals who hump one after the other and later they come back more confused than ever. What happened with honesty? What happened with being faithful? What happened with stay in the marriage ’til death due part? It’s just a piece of paper. It’s just an expensive commitment from the engagement ceremony to the divorce proceedings. Men doesn’t want to go for that route, women on the other hand are NOT interested. It’s an era of questions regarding, where the children ask constantly “where and who is my dad?” while the selfish women won’t disclose for fear of embarrassment from the ones who slept with. And later on, when their kids reach puberty, they commit the same mistakes as their mother, and in some cases their sexual identity becomes disrupted. The rest, without father’s support and guidance is destined to live a life of crime and poverty for the rest of his/her life. Is this is the way to make a better society? I mean, with all these oversexualized images and the propaganda that the media is imposing over these years, it’s finally reaping what is sow. A selfish generation thinking about their genitals than their common sense, will end up in a pile of bile and vomit for generations to come, because of the lack of values, their lack of structured family genealogy, and the lack of having the ability to love only one person, just one person for the rest of their lives.

It’s sad, that this generation has been come to this, a deprave state thinking that there’s no consequence of their actions. Well, seriously, The Impact Team has make that consequence out in the open. There’s no way you can’t get away with it and walk away and Josh and many others must be pay in full, perhaps even more for their indiscretions.