Burn Motherf*cker, Burn!

I feel sad about my little Puerto Rico. This tiny island has encountered a lot of troubles and now is at a point that schools might be closed, the water rationing is severe and the debt the government supposed to pay 72 billion dollars failed to do their second payment, it seems that Puerto Ricans in the islands are basically giving in to the chaos.

As myself, I used to have a little bit of faith that Puerto Rico could became a little bit better when it came to jobs, education, financial handling, government responsibility. But after 14 years living in the States, my dream to at least come back is just that. Is an island now that doesn’t produce anything productive instead is going to be destined to be the drug capital, the school system is in shambles with disorganized administration to the point that drop outs are the norm perhaps, double than the states, and don’t forget about a corrupt government that mishandles the money that people put their trust on them with a blind eye. And sadly, the inability of the United States to do something about it because actually the US doesn’t care about the citizens of Puerto Rico as long as this island is a important strategic military point if war suffice. Puerto Ricans are basically morons when it comes to deciding which road should take concerning their own identity, their own independence and like the damsel in distress, wants to be helped from the grasps of danger.

But reality is, there’s no savior. There’s nothing salvageable about Puerto Rico. The governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla, doesn’t have a clue what to do except not sacrificing their own governmental group of thieves who add cuts, tax (which doesn’t know where that money actually goes) against the disappearing middle class and oppressing even more on the poor. It doesn’t seem an actual exit of honest compromise between “politicians” and it’s people and instead they kept on “partying” like it’s 1999, on the terms of expending their own lavish clothes, diners, cars than fixing what it could be fixable.

But honestly, who am I kidding? They don’t want to stop the party. They want to keep drinking at the cost of millions of their own people. Many of people who are not even learn English, not even have a Diploma spend their energies, their talent, elsewhere and it has been a high percentage of exodus, compared to a decade ago. Instead, of fighting and demanding with a slight touch of violence against their oppressive and selfish government, instead they just want to see that place burn. Puerto Ricans had it up to here with their excuses and their lies that they’re actually are letting it go. They just have been given up and leave. After years or decades to try to extinguish the house, it is comes a time that we grew tired of saving what it’s impossible to save and walk away. It’s truly a shame.