A Year After Ferguson: Boiling Point

Last year I was as always minding my own business. The whole routine of waking up, going to work, come home, cook and play videogames has become the norm for me in this small town I live in as long as I don’t disturb them, they don’t disturb me. I thought I was achieving the so-called “American Dream,” and this event not only changed my life but also caused a severe ripple effect around America. But for me, instead of a positive light, it came up negative based on the repercussions that society and white supremacy has implemented to “keep order.” Keeping order as “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” and get used to it and move on to our lives like nothing happened seems to me like I have been taken the covers off my eyes to see the real truth about a dirty little secret that was kept for centuries. A lot of Black folks including myself have been denying for so long and deprived for the things other people take for granted and even look the other way to focus on other things and going other roads to at least reach our goals. This illusion of post-racial relations between us and Caucasians was just that, a false dream that we can get along with them as long as we don’t reach or cross their line. Even thought they cross ours several times.

And indeed, time and time again they did it with aggravated force. The killing of just an unarmed black man didn’t spark the riots, the peaceful protests and prayers at churches, it was just the White supremacy that came into true colors for all the world to see how this organization, this group still controls minorities and put them in their place that they belong, even if they don’t like it while they do the usual.

From my experience, my view of the world changed from not bothering anyone to be actually careful and fearful of what they act, speak and say. And questions began as to why Black people didn’t find out sooner? If it’s able to mend our relationship with them? Or it’s possible to go our own way from psychological oppression? Because the mentality of being “equal” to them has been turned to smithereens and real emotions, comments, ideals surged at the cost of one man’s life. Blunt but truthful feelings erupted, anger, disappointment and being fooled to believe that we can accomplish anything when in fact it was just a pity party. It seems to me that it was just an hypocrisy all decades long and it’s nearly impossible to heal the severe wounds because honestly, if you don’t take care of that wound, it gets infected. That’s how this country has right now.

Now it seems that white supremacy has been aggressively smearing, blackmailing and tainting #BlackLivesMatter movement along with stories that actually says a message of “know your place, stay in your place” to make a point.  How can we actually fight this present system? I don’t know, but making protests or prayers or rallies isn’t going to solve anything. Making the government hear our people demands through effective means, even if we have to separate ourselves from the rest of the population to make our own rules, our own government, our own world, so be it.

If we keep ourselves thinking that we still have faith in being equal to them, they will continue to take advantage of us and even destroy us. Ferguson opened a box of Pandora and it can’t shut down until we have our real freedom set to each of us.