Very Funny, Allure Mag

The August edition of Allure Magazine leaves nothing to be desired. An article named “You (Yes, You) Can Have an Afro” shows a Caucasian woman with curly hair “assimilating” to have an afro. In the content it “explains” how to “rock” an afro if you have straight hair while ignoring how the Afro hairstyle was created and it puts as for all races when it fact it was created to express rebellion against the White Oppression during the 70’s.

It seems to know that a white fashion magazine has to go lengths to appropriate our hairstyles and placed it as just a fashion statement that it’s “cool” to wear braids, dreads and now wearing Afros, all while ignoring Black women struggles to have healthy hair, maintain it,  even grow it and take care of it properly. It’s an insult, a bad April Fools day joke that it’s not funny. It’s offensive at best.

It’s rare that so-called magazines often give hair advise for Black Women except they subliminally have to hate themselves and try to assimilate being “white” even in their hair.