Fashion Statement: Dressing Up In Drag

This morning on my FB news feed I found the news of a former True Blood cast member dressing up as a woman for a movie premiere in San Francisco. How come this individual changed from this:


To This:

That is beyond me! I know, I know… He’s reprising a role or something, I don’t know, but why men these days specially in show business are hating themselves and their role they have been given and instead they want to look more “feminine?” When Dustin Hoffman dressed up like a woman for a premiere of a movie he starred on? Even on Tootsie, he was dressed up proper. After the issue with Cait Jenner and her transgender snafu, now it inspires men to grab a glitter dress, some high heel shoes, make up and a wig and there you go. That’s NOT right or acceptable!

Dressing up in Drag is has a specific place to do so… In the gay bars and in the privacy of your homes. It seems to me that men doesn’t want to be men anymore because of feminism. They feel threatened, terrified that once they put on starting with an eye liner, it starts from there and it ends with news of “this is the new me” plastered on their FB account dressing up like a bad imitation of womanhood, because they feel humiliated, emotionally castrated being a man. And society is starting to accept this behavior and it’s terrifying.

When will be the day that Men and Women will act according to their respectful gender and role?