Racists at Heart

Former WWE wrestler Terry Bollea aka Hulk Hogan was a “superb” wrestler during the 80’s and part of the 90’s in the federation. Sadly, as any other asshole out there, he fucked it up big time for two reasons. Number one: He commented racist views on a sex tape with Bubba the Love sponge’s wife who had a sexual encounter in 2012 complaining about her daugher Brooke “bad choices” with a black guy. Second, the interview at Sirius XM also in 2012 on the show “Whoolywood Shuffle” which also uses the racial slurs without thinking the consequences of his actions.

But wait a minute here? Why kick him out now? Why they didn’t kick him out in 2012? Well, 2012 was the year he was screwing up with Bubba estranged wife Heather Clem but did WWE did something about it during that time? I don’t think so! When a person, a celebrity speak racial slurs and not only that, draw his/her opinions about race in a negative light through a video, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media, the company who works with must terminate his contract because it jeopardize their business, their reputation. But WWE continues to support white folks to be the main attraction of the federation, meanwhile Black wrestlers get the boot. What type of “diversity” is that? Putting Black Wrestlers on the second or last category doesn’t help at all with so-called diversity. It’s like trying to sympathize with minorities to support their enterprise, but mainly it’s for white folks.

Another issue with Hogan is plain simple, he have been educated since he was born to despise Blacks, but pretend he gets along with them just fine for the sake of the almighty dollar. Every white person has that and Hogan failed miserably. It shows his true colors in his privacy of a sexual encounter to know how real this person is. He can sue, cry, publish several apology letters to try to avoid hitting rock bottom, but the damage is done and I don’t feel sorry for this bastard, or any other who think that having just a black friend gets away with it of the title of not being a racist. But who’s the real culprit? Hogan is just like many other cases of white supremacy trying to make false friendships with Blacks. A big enterprise such as WWE couldn’t have a Black wrestler in the cover of their logo, or magazine or show so why their tactic of kicking him out because of just publicity stunt when they’re doing it worst against Blacks and minorities.