White People Documentary: Sad Pity Parade

I was waiting for days to finally watch the MTV documentary about what White People feel in their own little world. Filmmaker/journalist and winner of a Pulitzer, Jose Antonio Vargas has this idea of telling a sob story about how Whites are “suffering” from “discrimination” when it comes to apply for scholarships, living or working in a neighborhood that doesn’t belong, dealing with their white privilege and also how they cope with gentrification on a neighborhood in New York by the Chinese Community. It just a silly sob story with facts for minorities to feel pity of them. Pity for what? They’re the majority who just conquered, destroyed, changed the civilization for their own benefit. Not only that, but killed millions of people for the sake of their race. And you think, I’m gonna change my mind about it in 2015? You think white people suffered enough? Nope! They always have it easy. They always get away with it, they have greater chance to go to high rated colleges without breaking a sweat. Climbing the ladder easier, often starting with higher pay than his/her co-workers. Able to build families, celebrating their milestones such as marriage, family. And you think that I’m going to cry and give them a hug in all this?

The issue however in this documentary is it didn’t give enough puncture to hit severally the wound. It came as a subtle scrape. For a documentary like White People and the so-called journalists trying to discredit Jose by stating a thousand times he’s an undocumented immigrant weeks before their broadcast to attract viewers, it seems it didn’t touch enough of the subject of being white and privileged and how it would destroy that status. Basically, it would be more truths to the point of them crying and sobbing, but that’s not gonna happen. Instead, this documentary was just a publicity stunt and I’m not convinced one bit.