Give Black Women an Apology

Tennis Superstar Serena Williams who won this year Wimbledon was never respected by the media, society and everybody else because of her color. Instead, she was ignored by all sources like she have a contagious disease and on top of that many people of power are trying to rob her success by defame her, question her abilities as a tennis player and worst as a woman of color. Ex Bush Aide David Frum commented on twitter (and later deleted it) that she was under the influence of steroids which is a low blow to her successful career when Williams always take tests before playing. And I wonder, why the hatred? Why putting this young woman down? Why denigrate her because of her physique? Why?

Because, the establishment doesn’t want an inferior, feeble-minded Black woman to be a Tennis Player, or an artist like a painter, a photographer, or be in positions of power. That’s a fact. They instead, want to discredit, humiliate, backstabbed, criticized from every point of her being. From her physical attributes to her hair trying to damp her accomplishments. It seems so easy to destroy all what Serena has accomplish for more than 10 years to a jackass that put the right words to hurt her self-esteem and damage her reputation when his work accomplishment doesn’t stand out. But what about the ones who bully Black Women? By far, they’re NOT saints since these types of people didn’t make their own success without the help of their white privilege, their wealthy parents and their influenced people. Serena along with her twin were on their own in a sport that was saturated with whiteness.  And over a decade they felt like going to party uninvited. It’s the same as participating in politics, the arts, the unconventional for the Black Woman. We experienced the looks, the comments, even in our own neighborhoods but we still walk, climb, run towards our goals, our dreams with our heads high. And after we achieve such a success, they have to give the respect we deserve or else get the hell out of our way.

Serena and her sister Venus Williams shouldn’t give this loser David or anybody a reason to damp their success. They could comment what they feel, but since they thing they’re holy than thou with a speck in the damn eye, they feel entitled to be the bullies of the social media.