“He Drop The Bomb On Us”

I used to believe that the reason Bill Cosby had allegations from several different women that he drugged and sexually abused them, is because these women wanted their 15 minutes of their wasted fame to discredit a man who has built his career over decades and for the fact that he’s Black. I was continually blaming the feminism movement for crying wolf in such a sensitive matter. It was such a controversial stance that Bill Cosby instead wasn’t saying a word about it for months. It was such pressure that these lies that women were telling, were turning into the hard disturbing truth when Cosby decided to confess he actually did it. It makes me feel like a dumbass. Not only myself but many people who believed in his innocence are pretty angry and disappointed that after he worked his butt off for decades, he screwed it up big time by his indiscretions.

In his words he gets Quaaludes which is a banned sedative and placed it on the drinks to the women in his home. After they feel the effects of it, he’s ready to strike. It’s embarrassing after all he’s done all his life to entertain us and prove that our race mattered when in fact, he had a double life. I could feel sorry for his wife, but then again when a wife deals with the truth, she doesn’t have no other choice but to start all over again, meaning she left the bastard for good. So far I didn’t see that as she’s more guilty for accepting his behavior as a new normal than having some integrity.

And yes, I apologize for defending this piece of trash while blaming these women from making fools of themselves. It just comes to show that never judge the book by it’s cover, but on the other hand burn the other book if the content is nasty as hell. I’m surely angry that a man that could have a legendary positive influence in his life and for Black people, he obviously fuck it up big time for being a sexual predator. He deserves to be in jail a long time ago, and he was trying to extend his freedom by covering his lies, keeping his mouth silenced and move on with what he had left in his life. It’s terrible! More terrible is silence these women with money and the worst part is they accepted the settlement! Instead of doing it earlier, they just had fun with that settlement and after it was gone, they just came forwards. Oh, wait a minute here! Who’s more evil, the guy who commit the crime or the victim who blackmail it? Because both are at fault, both are destroyed and one is going to pay a hefty price.