The Race War Started a Long Time Ago

Heroine Bree Newsome, climbed on a post and took the Confederate Flag down.
Heroine Bree Newsome, climbed on a post and took the Confederate Flag down.

I have been bombarded with these words on mainstream media outlets for a few weeks or perhaps months. The words “Race War” has been now on the topic after killer Dylann Roof assassinated nine people inside a church in Charleston, and one of his reasons to do such an act it’s because he wants to start a race war. But what he didn’t know is in reality, we are in the middle of it. We are living in a world that many who have the right credentials to acquire the right position for the job are cast aside because of their first names. In the short video by Brave New Films only half are facing this kind of discrimination based on their names and not because they’re not qualified for the job they wanted. Also, how you ever be a subject of surveillance while shopping? Shopping while Black, a common practice which involves a nosy clerk keeping an eye of minorities shopping in upscale shops for the fear of stealing, is as much humiliating as racial profiling in cities such as New York or Chicago. Stand Your Ground is the most dangerous because it’s an excuse to kill Blacks and Minorities just because they see them as a threat in their upscale neighborhoods. Meanwhile Public School Systems across this country have an unfair tactic to deny Blacks the right tools for education specially on poor neighborhoods, causing them to drop out. But don’t worry, the privatized jail system will take care of these youngsters into a life in and out of jail. Black women becomes the ridicule by having kids out of wedlock since they don’t have the same opportunities and confidence as Caucasian women. Black men gets killed or in prison so their dating pool is a more of a cloudy mess. It has been for decades, and you people think that eliminating the Confederate flag will solve this?

It takes more than putting the flag down to solve centuries of injustices, unfairness against a certain group of people who just for their skin tone, they can’t get the same opportunities and respect as Whites. The issue of racism is so deep and shameful, that it takes a long time to at least heal the dried wounds. It’s as almost impossible as singing Kumbaya in front of a band of tigers. Over the decades we had become the suffered, the cursed, the hated, the feared. We had also built resentments over the fact that the whites are cutting our goals short, giving us no other option than to survive even if it against their moral superiority or compass to live as long as possible.

But why we have to live under so much troubles? Isn’t the abolition enough for them to let us go, build a town, be ourselves? Isn’t the Civil Right Movements a cry for letting us do what we want to do to deaf ears? Isn’t the riots in Ferguson, Baltimore a physical approach to tell the damn world leave us the fuck alone or otherwise we will destroy your life as much as your lives destroys us? We have been cast aside, still under their thumb crushing up further into the abyss. Give us Liberty, Or give us death. Enough is Enough. We’re surviving for so long and it seems that if we don’t fight, we can’t win.