Not This Again!

Round 2, Fight!

This is how it sounds when so-called artists who depends on autotune to make them sing good, demand music streaming companies to pay them accordingly while fans are still recurring on bit torrent to listen. Again with Taylor Swift and her mighty than ass attitude, but this time with Apple, after the company is starting a streaming subscription service for 10 dollars a month. She, like a rotten spoiled rat (supported and influenced by music companies) removed her latest piece of crap album “1989” from their Apple lineup citing this stupid reason that the 3 month free trial that Apple offers, doesn’t pay artists a cent. Really? After, removing her catalog on Spotify after her temper tantrum last year because it pays “little” to artists when it fact it pays fairly based on the letter by the CEO of the company, now she’s trying to make with the “Music is valuable piece of art” crap and has to be compensated with the souls of the unworthy by trying to make a drama with Apple.

I’m sorry Taylor, but if you want to make yourself known, you should go on a tour, right? Sell merchandise, from T-shirts to undergarments. Make public appearances for interviews, perform for shows, do photoshoots and you say you have been paid little to nothing on Apple? That’s a crock of shit, Miss Taylor! If you don’t work hard, how can your fans are going to support your chipmunk album? Because basically, online music should be considered secondary, NOT primary to earn your check while you’re doing absolutely nothing but posting on gossip magazines, going on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to bitch and moan. Remember, your fans can lift you up, they can bring you down for every selfish attitude, every unfairness between them. They’re like the ocean, they move elsewhere so you’re NOT the primary piece of attention. There’s other artists who sacrifice their personal lives to give pure adulterated music to their fans, going on tour on a van, having setbacks and tribulations but still their commitment is to their fans, NOT to music companies. And Taylor is doing it wrong to support a cause that has NO merit because many “artists” in order to gain a buck they rely on software like Antares Autotune and correcting pitch software called Melodyne to make them sing good without a flaw while performing on lip sync. Doesn’t sounds like scamming the public in delivering a fraudulent product? I mean, if they don’t promise what the offer, will the customer will give the money back? In certain times, yes! Why NOT with music?

Apple music service Itunes, Spotify, Pandora, IHeartRadio support artists by giving them incentives to their royalties and that’s too much, basically the money goes to music companies first and then a portion goes to the artists instead of paying them accordingly. These online companies have to make upkeep on maintaining a site, updating their apps, software, ect… They’re not doing it for free, even if it says free, they have a handful of paid customers who pays a monthly sub to hold these services together. And that’s not only in that area. In the bi-weekly magazine The Inlander, music excecs visited a Karaoke bar incognito to then slap the owners of the bar with a bill for playing copyrighted music. But wait a minute here! The artist isn’t there so why the owners of the bar have to pay for a ghost? In the article a bar has to close it’s doors because it was too much, Miss Taylor. Even playing at least one of your crappy songs in a bar will cost them bankruptcy. It this is what you want, Miss Taylor for your fans? Listen one note and you demand them a thousand dollars per song? Music is valuable, but it’s more disrespected when it comes to be true to your fans and that includes your singing, Miss Swift.

Get off your high horse, woman! Music companies have to be in their place, not above it.

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Serious Update: I found that that Apple “decided” to pay artists even if it’s a trial period for their streaming subscription service. I don’t know how they’re gonna come up with that… from their Itunes sales, perhaps? Can customers realize this is a ruse to make you pay more instead of the 10 dollars a month just for a petulant child? If they want to pay more, artists have to work their butts off.