Double Standards

Yesterday, I got curious about different types of wigs available at different outlets like, Hairsisters, even Amazon and it makes me think some of the issues regarding my race and myself. We want to be different, right? So, why society is always denigrating us if we wear our real “natural” curls or dreadlocks, extensions and wigs when white women are always praised for imitating our hairstyles?

There’s a lot of reasons for using wigs and extensions from we want to be different, to health issues like allopecia and the most devastating Cancer. There’s a lot of types of wigs that contours to our face frame to look more natural and more youthful in some cases. But society has a game for us to play and we’re losing it. First of all by calling us names like Hairhat. This offensive name crush the self-esteem of Black Woman and discourages Black Women to be  different. But you never hear the words on a white woman. Instead, it’s just the opposite. Compliments and applause are there to levitate her high self-esteem even higher.

I just wonder, what’s going on? The media is controlled by whites. Everything that doesn’t seem good with the Black woman, in their opinion are trying to bump in “her place.” By placing denigrating comments about how she dressed, her hair style and her pose. It seems to me that in the scheme of things, they want to see Black Women with no choice to look like this:

Than this:

In the case of Zandaya’s dreads, a disgraceful woman, Guilliana Rancic commented that her hair smells like Patchouli oil or weed when Zandaya showed her beautiful dreads at the Oscars. And it’s not the first case or the last. Now it’s Raven’s turn when she dyed her hair gray recently and the insults are pouring in.

The media didn’t focused on her beautiful dress, instead they focused on bashing on her hair color.

Another issue. What’s the problem with the word Natural? I never see the word implanted in a white woman, so why we have to accept this term in our daily lives? Isn’t because we’re artificial? Isn’t because we wear wigs and weaves? Or isn’t because white society wants to put names on us while they’re nameless? For me, the word Natural is as worst as Hairhat because my hair is my own, I don’t need labels, I don’t need a sticker on my chest that says, my hair is natural, my face is black, my body is overweight come and belittle me if I’m not perfect to your liking.

For me, if I want to wear wigs or weaves to my hair it’s because I want to feel good, not because I’m hating myself or my race like many people assume over the years. Black women needs a lift me up from time to time. If they want to wear their own hair, they can, if they want to wear their extensions, that’s fine. It’s their choice, so stop bashing, bullying, denigrating Black women because of their uniqueness. As for me, I have a huge list to buy wigs.