I had to think on my busy schedule how a white woman decided to “pretend” being Black for the whole world to see how terrible her acting went over the years. Rachel Dolezal still is breaking news, about how she cover her identity, put so darker make up on or tan, changed her hairstyle or perhaps use wig to pass as Black. She could study the whole course about African History, African American History but if she didn’t experienced first hand the humiliation, the mental, physical and even sexual abuse, the discrimination when it comes to get a job just because of being Black. Dolezal didn’t faced any bullying in schools, perhaps she was living a happy childhood, just like some white kids. The problem however started when she was in college, and then it started the lie of being portrayed as as Black woman. But she’s doing it wrong! How come you see a Black Woman with blue eyes? Real blue eyes, not using contacts. Another thing, why she changed her natural blond hair in prior pictures with braids, of course, to wild black curls? It’s not a fashion statement to become something that has no place in their lives. It’s modern life blackface.

Dolezal was just pretending a race that didn’t have nothing to identify with, used it for her own benefit of earning money at speeches and telling everyone that she struggled. Struggled on what? Copying stories of real Black women and claiming as her own? It seems to me that the damage is already done when the Black community were trying so hard to keep their heads high in all of this to then this white bitch came in and ruined it for all of us. It’s like you’re doing a nice party and then some vermin come out to make a disaster of epic proportions that you have to send your guests away. It feels like that, every time news from this person comes to the mainstream media, there’s a lot of important aspects of fixing the Black community issues that are left and abandoned because of this clown.

And the NAACP of Spokane should know better. If they’re supposedly for us, why they hired this lie of a speaker to be the voice of the Black people without knowing her background check? I’m glad that reporter Jeff Humphrey from KXLY uncovered her lies after almost 7 minutes of “let her be having her minutes of fame” to then show her a photo of her white daddy in front of her face and ask the question: “Is this your father?” followed by “Are you African-American?” That would shut her off the moment she walked away and hide herself in a nearby boutique.

The thing is, this race war we’re losing because of humiliating incidents such as this where a Caucasian jackass or a bitch say things or do things that bring our whole purpose, goal, movement down. I hope we continue to move forward and clean up this mess, organize ourselves and move along against these deep roots of racism, even with violence if necessary to get our point here. Out with the old, In with the new. We still have a lot of work to do.