Black Girl

White Girls, a so and so comedy from the Wayans brothers explained two undercover cops impersonating two white socialites girls to protect the real ones. Not only they have to dress like females, but also use paint and latex skins to look white.

Turns out in real life, it seems more twister and perhaps sinister.  Sadly, in the Northwest, the president of the Spokane NAACP, Rachel Dolezal was portraying a Black Woman for years when in fact she was born white. Her estranged parents said so in a news interview from CNN and bought a picture of Dolezal when she was a kid with blonde long hair and light hazel eyes. “She’s being deceptive and dishonest with her identity” her mother spoke during the interview. In the report by many media outlets, she wasn’t born in Black neighborhoods, instead she was born in Montana from White parents. I don’t know what happened while she was living in the vast mountain views of Montana, but she wasn’t grew up in the Ghetto, or deal with constant discrimination, denigration and humiliation by the Whites like we endured. In fact, she was making a portrayal of herself as a victim by formulating lies for example whe she was living in North Idaho, she was threatened with a noose over to her house among other drama queen shows to then be fired from a non-profit organization in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.

But then the NAACP regional president Gerald Hankerson instead of doing it right and fire this freak, they support her and then stating that “We represent all civil rights issues regardless of a person’s ethnicity” should be fired as well for this screw up. The NAACP has landed hard, not only by several controversies over the years but in fact by allowing Caucasians to work without knowing Black issues.  Its merely an insult that despite there real African-American women who could be working and participating at this organization, they choose a clown to portray their own race.

I’m glad the truth came out.